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Other big hits among wide-hipped ladies? Additionally, wide-leg and boot-cut jeans create a balanced, almost hourglass look, and straight-leg styles provide a streamlined silhouette. Another handy tip: Watch for where fading is placed.

Choose a pair of jeans with a mid-rise cut. Wearing pants that have a low or high waist will draw attention to a big waist and hips. Also, stay away from light-colored or a brazzers christmas special part 4 jeans.

The rise is the measurement from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the wide seam. Jeans will give you the measurement of the rise that will be comfortable for you. Take hips shopping with you and use it as attractive guide when picking out jeans to try on. This is important for comfort and for keeping the shape. Often a wider waistband sits higher on the back, so no knickers showing. When choosing a leg shape opt for a boot cutwide leg or kick flare to balance out your curves.

Check them out as they were created for you…. I have a very short waist! Then the waists are always too big if I shop to fit my hips and thighs. The 8 would be 3.


Which to me is the most uncomfortable thing ever. I have basically given up bothering with jeans and now just live in leggings since I can buy those to fit my waist and they have enough stretch to also fit my hips.

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So maybe if I try on a 28 or a 30 it might work ok. It was only capitalism wanting to capitalise on a larger demographic that added in a version marketed to women and even from the beginning women were lamenting their poorer fit. Hi Alexia, Thank so much for your comment. It must be very difficult for you when trying to buy jeans, I feel your pain as what you are describing is a Tall- Curvy- Petite body shape which sounds like a contradiction but I get it!

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See what you think of those two and please let me know your front rise measurement. All the best Sam x. If the thighs fit, the waist is too big. What jeans should I try? Hey Marisa!

The 6 Best Jeans For Women With Big Thighs

I have a pair of these and once the zips are up they do not expand or sag! Do let me know when you know your Unique Rise measurement and I can be more specific for you.

They actually have great quality but they have way more styles and options than these brands. You should check them out. What would you reccomend? Hi, Julia, Thanks for your comment.

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A attractive of Great fashion jeans and everyday basic denim. Curious as to which jeans I find to be the most comfortable hips the planet and sharp enough to wear with a sport jacket?

I really love their approach to denim, especially their commitment to helping you find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. To find the most flattering style of jeans requires trial and error, but the following tips will help you find what fits best on your body type.

While available in four different washes, the 'black onyx' and 'immersion' options have a totally solid wash. These straight legs are not too loose and definitely not skinny.

Not everyone wants to wear skin tight jeans! So, thank goodness Levi's still gives us options. Also, they are nice and roomy in the hip and thigh area. Great jeans, great color, love it. If you have a smaller butt, opt for skinny jeans instead. But skinny jeans are not just for skinny people - anyone can wear skinny jeans, as long as they're styled correctly.

Look for skinny jeans with some stretch to give yourself a little more room to move and breathe. Wear skinny jeans with tops that stop just above the widest portion of your hips. Tuck your skinny jeans into knee-high boots, or wear them with ballet flats during warmer weather.

Buy jeans made of a stretch fabric. The stretch of the jean will help condense your thighs and make your bottom look higher and tighter. Pick the correct rise. Jeans come in a variety of different fits, but across the board, the most flattering rise is the mid-rise jean. Look for a jean that sits a few wide above gay xxx parody pelvic bone, but still underneath your belly button. High-rise pairs draw more attention to your stomach.

Look for a contour waistband to keep the jeans from creating a gap between your back and the waistband of your jeans.

How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Jeans | 5 Common Denim Styles And What's Right For Your Body Type

Choose jeans with a strategic fade. Denim comes in many different colors and faded jeans come in and out of fashion. Choose a jean with a slight fade in the center of the leg; the fade will make your legs look longer and leaner.

These will only make problem areas more obvious. Pair faded jeans with a tucked in attractive tee and a brightly colored heel. Invest in dark wash jeans. Everyone knows that wearing black can make you look slimmer, but the same goes for dark wash jeans. The darker the jeans, the longer and leaner your lower body will look. If you find a dark wash that flatters your body, buy a couple pairs in different cuts.

Avoid distressed and lighter wash jeans. They will make you look stockier than you really are. The results? High-waist and cropped styles with plenty of stretch where the hips hits jeans skinnies are a no-go.

Shop all their recommended styles, below. Plus, the cropped wide creates a leg-lengthening effect.