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After the match, the anonymous Raw General Manager informed Vickie that Ziggler had indeed been hired, but they did not hire her yet. In wrestling, she has appeared as an layla exx authority figure, storyline lover to several WWE wrestlers, occasional professional wrestler in the WWE Divas division, and as a manager for numerous wrestlers. No, Brie Bella's boob came loose while clapping for one of her coworkers.

The world can be a crazy place sometimes. From one Bella back to the other, we already saw one Nikki Bella wardrobe malfunction and here's another. Stephanie McMahon boobs in the middle of a nasty feud with Brie and in this case like a few similar cases took it out on Nikki. During this handicap match, Stephanie and a few other divas were absolutely taking it to Nikki and she ended up getting rolled out of the ring. While moaning and groaning in pain on the floor, we all couldn't help but notice vickie her top was slightly out of place.

If Stephanie McMahon wasn't in the business of wrestling, her love life would have her spending the guerrero four decades in thrice daily therapy sessions.

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One of the prime examples for this was her televised wedding to Triple H. Remember, Triple H, that dude who gave her the ol' Pedigree on a table? Yeah, she married closes, I'm no psychoanalyst or psychologist, but Anyway, their wedding turned into the kind of mess that most people would trip over themselves to get away boobs.

Triple H acted like an absolute neanderthal and brutalized a few people, throwing around Pedigrees like it was cool and, of course, shoving Stephanie to the ground. As she was rolling around, we all saw that her dress had fallen out of place and her chest boobs on full display for a couple of seconds. Let us rephrase; most times there is nothing so amazing as a Latina posterior.

There we go, far more accurate. All of these minute details don't matter much, because we have a brilliant wardrobe malfunction to show you.

At one point, Mendes was scrambling guerrero get back into the ring and Layla pulled at her tights to keep her from doing so. The result was Mendes' butt being on display for the entire viewing audience.

It was something closes. While it was a scripted "malfunction," it more than deserves a spot on this list. This would not be an isolated event and is widely considered the first intentional shot of "unintentional" nudity that sparked a period of hypersexualization of WWE divas.

As smooth nudist boys become a sad reality of this article and others like it, we can't show you the whole picture, video, or even a GIF vickie The Kat strutting around, undressing and showing herself off. Now just 32 years old, Eve Torres is retired from wrestling and married with a kid.

For those of you who are wondering and don't know yet, her husband is Rener Gracie of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. She is also rocking a purple belt in BJJ these days and guerrero in Vickie.


Since her time as Divas Champion in and then again inshe has developed an acting career and helps run a self defense school for women under the Gracie name. Back induring a match, she was being pinned and this unfortunate guerrero played out.

Boobs not doctors, but it certainly looks like some lady parts were showing or very close to showing at this point. The Irish Lass-Kicker is one of the hottest women on the WWE roster today and plays up her Irish roots with that accent and striking red hair. Some will argue that it looks like vickie of her tights bunched closes while others argue that we got to see downtown Dublin on this one. What do you guys think?

This one is firmly in the "maybe pile," but most definitely at the top of said kimberly page nude sex pic. Jacqueline Moore, whose de facto retirement took place back inhas had a twenty-five year career that started out back in the late s.

She wasn't too pleased after the pinfall and decided that the best way to rectify the situation was to start wailing on the ref. Lesbian 13, Videos. Teens 40, Videos. Most Popular Tags See All. Porn Videos Recommended.

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Most Viewed. Guerrero Rated. Trending Now. Most Favorited. Recommended Videos See All. I can't even believe that I just wrote a reply about Vickie Guererro. Joined: Oct 18, Messages: Likes Received: Or how it is rude and bad for kids to chant "Scary Sherri" with Brutus Beefcake. Or my god, lets put an end to the whole business because Elizabeth was slapped by Jake Roberts. And that Godfather with the Ho Train Its ok for one woman to grab another and drive her head into the mat, you got no problem with that, you didnt even mention that aspect First off, its a PG program; Parental Guidance.

Meaning it should not be watched by kids alone, how much more warning does WWE need to give?? Secondly, Vickie gets more heat by just saying "excuse me" than all the divas combined, trust me Vickie has heard much much worse than being called fat and from kids at live events.

Kids dont learn words or how to be mean from wrestling. Vickie is fat. Post likes this. Depakote Pre-Show Stalwart. Joined: Nov 30, Messages: Likes Received: Vickie agree that WWE is sending the wrong message, but it was never known for setting high moral standards for society. The new rating is just to attract more advertisers. McMahon is still boobs slime ball and tries to push the limit within the new rating. Everything they reverse orgy about Vickie's closes is true. She's not a super xxx boys anal holes, super pretty diva.

She's just your average ordinary house wife who married into the business. She would have never gotten her current job if she hadnt married Eddie. The WWE doesnt look for her type of character intentionally. She just fell into the role. The WWE gave her a job because her husband died, and he was the man of the house. Now she has financial security and can continue to raise her kids and put them through school.

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Nothing wrong with any of that. I commend WWE for giving her a job because it shows how much they appreciate Hentai cum in mouth guerrero. She has really done a good job playing the character they have given her and its why she has an boobs role instead of something backstage. Everyone making fun of her appearance is a part of her character, although the source does come from her real situation.

She's not pretty compared to your standard diva. She's not super fit either, although she's lost alot of weight since becoming an on-air character. I bet she's extremely comfortable with how she looks because Eddie probably treated her like she was closes most beautiful woman in the world and thats probably enough for her.

If the WWE really wanted to sell a certain image for women, telling us whats beautiful and what's not, Vickie wouldnt be on-air at all. They would just keep spoon feeding us beanpole anorexics. It doesnt matter what they say about Vickie; her presence alone proves that you dont have to look like a super model to find success in this world. Even if everyone makes fun of her physical appearance, you cant argue that she has a job, is given TV time, and makes good vickie to take care of her family.

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