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Others have successfully broken with their pasts.

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Very Young Girls Add Image. Young girls are increasingly seeking surgery on their vaginas — known as labiaplasty — because of teen over how they look. In some cases, girls as tiny as nufe are asking for the operation despite having no medical need for it.

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But more than such girls had the surgery inwith more than of those under 15, according to NHS figures. Naomi Crouch, chair of the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology, said that while GPs are referring increasing numbers of young girls for the operation, she has never come across a girl who needed it for medical reasons.

De Zulueta told the BBC. It's very normal for the lips to protrude.

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One girl in her 20s, given the pseudonym Anna, told the BBC she considered having the surgery when she was 14 but later changed her mind — and was glad she did because she now realises she looks "totally normal". People around me were watching porn and I just had this idea that it should be symmetrical and not sticking out," she said.

I remember thinking, 'If there's surgery for it, then clearly I'm not the only one who wants this done, and maybe it won't be that big a deal'. More needs to be done to educate girls from a young age that "just as we all look different in our faces — we all look different down there, and that's OK," Dr.

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De Zulueta added. NHS England says it only carries out the procedure for clinical conditions — not cosmetic reasons which, Dr. De Zulueta said, leads girls to exaggerate their physical symptoms to get surgery. Crouch said she found it difficult to believe that "there are girls with a medical abnormality which means they needed an operation on their labia," adding that labiaplasty should only be carried out in those circumstances.