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This is what you look like. Watch me put you side by side with the big white guy. Feel the shame. Feel your smallness. You are trash. You are worthless. You are small ridiculous and no one would ever choose your penis next to the big one. No one wants to fuck a little dick! Give it right back to him and call his dick small. Tired of having to say, "Size doesn't matter? Say how you really feel. It's like Fight Penis let your raw side show and comparison apologize for it.

Stop catering to the modern man and his regulated societal norms. What don't you humiliation about small penis humiliation?

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Ben: Some days, you are not in the mood for being made fun of. Especially with work stress and current economy, some untimely SPH can be really depressing reminder that you have a small dick. Imagine being in a meeting room with 20 men, knowing that around 18 of them have bigger penises than you. Some of my work colleagues probably know of my flaccid size, maybe from peeking in winnie the pooh porno. Sometimes it makes you think about your kids. I feel bad I might be passing the small penis genes to them.

It's one of those lesser-known fetishes, so it's much harder to find and get off on. Nacha: What I don't like is typical porn SPH, which involves a perspective where the actor says comical things like, "Oh my god. I think I need a magnifying glass. Plus, it's catering to the guy.

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What I like about reading a woman's real-life experiences with small penises is that it equates to no attention for the guy. You mostly sleep with women, but you're aroused by seeing men's large penises. How does that work? Does that ever make you question your sexuality? Ben: For me this is non-issue, it might be an issue for other people. I find other men's bigger penises fascinating and a marvel to look at. I still identify as being straight, although I am open to touching, comparing, and stroking other men's penises but will not engage in giving or receiving oral or anal from other men.

Nacha: I don't ever worry about my sexual orientation.

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I'm not desperately attempting to reassure myself that I'm straight. If someone wants to refer to me as gay or bi because of my fetishes, then that's great.

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I mean, download porn snake sex penis for someone to be attracted to both sexes, although less acceptable for men. Small me, I'm visually attracted to women but a penis is also attractive which is why I love strap-on sex comparison women so much. How is SPH different with another man compared to a woman? Ben: I find other straight men tend to boast that they are bigger that you and that they can fuck your wife better.

The SPH they give is brutal. I get lots of appreciative comments from gay men. They acknowledge that I'm small but would make highly suggestive comments of what they like about my penis smooth skin, pubic hair, foreskin, etc. Women tend to make fun of my size but don't usually comment on my sexual competency. Some women do find smaller penises attractive and their SPH is flirtier.

Short Stop: Just knowing that I'm being humiliation by someone who also has a penis is really hot. That immediately puts him above me and gives him power over me, which is hot when I'm a sub. But with guys there's this mutual understanding of being a guy. You don't bring up size, no matter how big or small someone is.

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You just don't do it. How do you actually practice SPH? Do you have a routine? Ben: My wife is my main humiliator. We've found escape through online activities.

We post our faceless naked pictures online and we get off from other people's comments on penis bodies. My wife loves me dearly and she knows SPH really turns me on. She knows when not to do it and when to humiliation as well. She has a nickname for my penis in our Asian language, which search japanese teen fucked translates to "small dinky. For example, when going shopping and picking a banana, she would whisper to me she's picking it because it's bigger than my small dinky.

We have a game small going shopping, I might put a pack of average or small-size condoms in our basket. At some point when she realizes it's in the basket she has to say, "It's too big for your dick," within someone's earshot.

Bonus points if she doesn't realize until we get comparison the counter and she has to say it in front of the checkout person.

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My wife has also started penis her younger sister and her boyfriend on board as well. I'm very close to the sister and they all have fun mocking me. I enjoy it immensely. Short Stop: I practice SPH on a daily basis, meaning throughout the day, a few key people in my life say little comments here and there that they know I will understand.

For example, at work, one of the humiliation people I oversee knows about my fetish and makes little remarks like, "Oh, today's gonna be long and hard When I'm horny and hard, I usually make a post on Reddit about it and tons of guys answer, I love it.

Kinda like an online version of a one-night stand. There are five people total that know about my fetish. One is an ex-girlfriend, two penis close female friends, and then there are two guy friends that I work out with and whatnot who are also bi. Overall, they love teasing me about it because they know it gets me worked up and makes me squirm. They love having that kind of power over me, especially the two guys, one of whom I've slept with. The main person is the close friend I'm currently trying to get with.

Every day, it's comments about my size, how I just don't measure up, how she couldn't be with me because she actually humiliation sex. Why do you think SPH became your fetish? Ben: I don't really understand how it became my comparison. Maybe it is a way of peachy keen films with the humiliation. I'm usually in a position of power.

SPH is like night and day in my life, so it's exciting. Plus in my normal life, no one would dare say anything humiliating to me. I'd love to be the small guy small this. And I'm way smaller. She cant get either guy hard. How pathetic all three of them are. This comparison sucks.

My wiffy Caroline and myself watched that video. We disagree because though my cock is bigger than her best friend's husband cock, mine is limp in spite of all massages and stimulation. She prefers the 5 inches one of small friend's husband rather than mine which is nearly 5 inches when limp. I cannot satisfy Caroline my wiffy as Sonu her friend's husband does. Buy one get one free Wonder what she'd make of my little cock? Love to see sph guy compared to stud!!!

An ex-gf used to bring me around to humiliate her other exes!