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This becomes a deeply and properly misanthropic film in which, I think, the filmmakers, if I may say so under IMDb guidelines, collude. Produced and directed by men, the film is formally weighted against Annabel. The more images and 'reality' contradict Annabel, the less we listen to her voice, the more we listen to others, squeezing her out.

Music for instance the repetition of 'Amazing Grace' is used to ironise Annabel, and there are a number of occasions when the film's ethics are seriously in question, and not just the obvious contrivances of many scenes.

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In one, she hasn't yet told her mother, and the film uses this very private and damaging dilemma to generate suspense. Frequently, Annabel doesn't seem to be in control, and yet the filmmakers watch naked tan young girls slashing her wrists so they can offer a neat thesis on different penetrations of the body. The film is careful to record the different groups of men who use and belittle Annabel TV shows, the porn industry, her old teachers, Cambridge students etc.

The film becomes seriously depressingand while it is quite right to give an audience lured by the sensationalist title a shock, a play with gender identity, a critique of filmmaking itself, the filmmakers seem to have crossed a line, where they have become as exploitative as the porn producers.

In one scene they revisit the site of a rape; in another they gang up with us and an informed teacher on an unknowing Annabel. The frequent shots from outside looking in invoke a voyeuristic model, and maybe the documentary is intensely self-aware, but the increasingly moralistic drive is only at the expense of Annabel Chong. Sign In.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The film is fascinating, however it does repeat itself a lot. As well there is a sequence toward the end where Grace goes to visit her mother and father that seems too exploitative and a cheap set up. Grace's need to shoc also extends to her poor parents. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her feat: having sex with men over the course of one ten-hour day, doubling the record set by a sex worker in Amsterdam. Special Features.

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