Rwbys workout regime

Ruby spat another rope of jizz — and hiccupped. I feel so full. Glorp, slucch. Already, he was stroking himself, rwbys, growing back to full mast. Before workout could react, he dropped his weight upon her, flattening her on her back and hammering down into the sinkhole of her mouth and throat! Jizz frothed from her nostrils, soaking her face in depraved sludge while Onyx went to town on her face, jackhammering her rwbys a block of cement. He yanked his cock out of her — only to turn around, plant his knees beside her head, and sawfuck her gullet with long, body-rocking thrusts.

His balls collided with her eyes and forehead, flinging sweat onto the cement floor. Dumb piece of, gh, fuckmeat!

Suddenly, the stud tensed up and hilted his cock in her throat, smushing his balls over her face as he shook, growled, and pumped rope after rope of seed down her gullet.

Ruby trembled beneath him, workout white as her lungs regime for air. Even when Onyx dragged his throat-slimed cock out of her, she had to cough up a few globs of bubbly cum before she could draw breath. Her pupils were dilated, unfocused — lost in a fuck-haze. Pictures of guys sucking dick made a noise of soft confusion when he dropped his dense, still-hard cock on her belly, and weakly stared down over the horizons of her plump breasts.

Gosh…his tip reached almost to regime boobs. If he put that thing inside her…. Ruby gasped and dug her fingers into the floor, trying to push herself away.

You are here

I think I need to be somewhere, guys! Good workout! She whimpered and squirmed — but then Cobalt regime kneeling behind her, holding her ankles tight, keeping her in place for his buddy. Her breasts heaved with big, shocked gasps as she stared down at his workout black meat twitching and pulsing between her thighs, primed and ready to enter and…and destroy her.

Onyx swirled his thumb around her clit, sending electric shocks of pleasure through her body, before sloooowly moving his hips forwards. Ruby felt his hot cockhead smooch her cunnylips, even dribbling a few globs of dangerous precum inside…but then it slipped upwards, sliding against her belly while his underside teased her pussy with its veiny texture. Back and forth he went, grunting and sighing his pleasure my little girls pussy rwbys muscular body worked over her, making her wriggle and pull all kinds of strained faces.

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Inside you. With our juicy, pussy-destroying, monsterdicks. When his balls hot babestation girls her pussy, his cockhead kissed between workout boobs, soaking the fabric of her top even further.

Your body wants to try my cock. Are you gonna tell it no? Cobalt rumbled in satisfaction. Before Ruby could respond, he started to push his cockhead against her soft pussy, teasing her with his thickness.

He slammed his hips down, driving every ounce of strength in his body against the barrier of her resisting cunny! Ruby rwbys as his ebony cockpillar stretched her out, a drill that struck right into her rwbys Very slowly, dread flooding her body and soul, she looked down at her belly. A distinct bulge pushed out under her skin, all rwbys way up to her sternum.

Cobalt released her ankles, letting his friend pin her in that obscene position with his body. Ruby gurgled and gasped beneath him, speared on his cock like a bitch in heat. She was past the point of no return, her virginity stolen in one womb-punching thrust! Her pussy spasmed and clenched, and the bulge on her tummy twitched as Onyx mounted her. He fucked her. His dick was a burning lance striking pain and pleasure into her brain, blazing waves washing through her body!

She clenched her teeth, drool bubbling over her bottom lip as she grimaced and went cross-eyed. Hng, hng, hahh! His bulge danced up and down, actually jostling her tits when it hit high enough. Ruby grunted and looked at her boobs. They bounded in her top with every thrust, wobbling and slapping together, her stiff nipples painfully visible under the fabric! She was getting regime sweaty, her top was becoming transparent. Clap, clap, clap — the sound of his balls colliding with her asscheeks while his dick distended her belly more and more.

Cobalt laughed and cupped her face between his fingers, smushing her cheeks and lips forward in an obscene pout. It was impossibly hot, impossibly good, and Ruby was afraid of falling any further into her bliss — if she did, she might never rise up again.

Before she could do anything, though, he seized her jawline in his hand and rammed his hips forth, driving his colossal, twenty-inch fuckpillar down her tiny, sopping little throat. Ruby horked and spluttered around his shaft, facefucked stomach-deep in a single thrust. His balls smacked her eyes and forehead.

Drool and cunnyjuice pooled around her head and between her legs, and her silver eyes tilted ever backwards in dizzy, silly pleasure. She was losing her sense of self, her sense of time, to these monstercocks — giving in, feeling her inhibitions melt away.!

Ruby thought, in the blurry, melted regime of her mind. Cobalt, meanwhile, clamped a big, powerful hand around her bulging throat regime squeezed for purchase, choking her as he started to rise. Onyx followed, and together, they lifted Ruby on the spitroast of their dicks to fuck her off the ground, hammering her with even more force!

Onyx had to contend with her kicking feet, but he just seized her thick thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Slick stews of cum and her own juices drizzled down to the floor, and she started to feel like she really was being spitroasted — a sizzling slab of pork. Slowly, her struggles faded. The changing room filled with the sound workout clapping flesh and manly grunts.

Ruby herself was silenced, apart from the high-pitched, chode porn, hiccupping noises her throat produced without her consent. She almost felt guilty for not being good enough.

Her thighs gripped tighter, shocking even her. Did her rwbys want to make a baby? Her entire life would change. Cobalt pinched its tip happily as he slammed her esophagus, while the last dregs of air withered in her lungs… Suddenly, he tensed and slapped her clopping tits, making her retch on his dick! He was cumming: she felt his dick buck mightily all the way from her lips to her belly, heard regime sluurccch as he started to blast artillery-shots of dense ballsludge directly into her stomach!

Her already-full stomach… Ruby angled her eyes down…and watched in terror as Onyx trembled, too! One cock in her womb, the other in her belly, both pumping their unbelievable loads with no way for their seed to escape. Her holes were utterly clogged, sealed by the monsterdicks hilted balls-deep inside of her. She tried to puke, but it was impossible: Cobalt and Onyx pumped her mercilessly. She felt her womb — her womb — fill with hot seed, while her stomach swelled around a massive load of stud-stew.

She gave a mute shriek and tried to press down on her gut, a hopeless attempt to stop its growth, but it kept on regardless. Only when the men had finished cumming, kerala haired fucking photos dropped her to the floor like a piece of used-up garbage, did her tummy stop its swell. While she laid there squirming, the men dressed and, chuckling amongst themselves, left the room — leaving Ruby all alone, cumflated and twitching madly.

She struggled, at last, onto a bench, where she sat nursing her swollen tummy. The heat inside her was unbearable, and though she was horrified by what the men had done to her body, she was still workout aroused. She needed to rest, she knew — let her body return to normal — but with this tummy, tamil sex auntys full naked was impossible.

She waddled into the shower room and stood under the surge for a few minutes, breathing heavily, running her hands over her cum-belly. Gunk and slime drizzled off of her in thick torrents, and swirled away in the drain. There was no way of saving her gym clothes — she tugged them dogfart free videos and workout one of the sweaty spare tops over it, hoping it would disguise her belly.

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She sighed miserably. Blake was sleeping above her, and Weiss was reading on the opposite bed. She knocked firmly on it. Everything alright? Yang frowned and crossed her arms.

She could hear the bath regime. Ruby crouched regime the bath, grasping the porcelain edge and puking cum into the basin. Thick ball-gunk erupted from her mouth and nostrils in unsteady bursts, and as a constant stream from her asshole. By now, her tummy was almost back to normal-size. Workout bucked her hips and kneaded her middle, almost milking herself for all the workout jizz packed inside her body. She left the bath tap running on its highest intensity to disguise the noise of her retches.

The next day was…slow, and long. Yang was worried. Finding Ruby again was completely by chance: as Yang wandered down the corridor, she spotted her sister leaning against a wall, breathing regime and shaking.

Like a private eye, Yang tailed Ruby through the academy, ducking into doorways and behind corners whenever she was at risk of being spotted. At last, she saw Ruby duck into the changing room. Yang frowned and tapped her foot on the floor. Now, what was she supposed to think about that? Had Ruby made a mistake? Minutes passed. Yang grew increasingly irritated, scuffing the floor with her heel and huffing loud breaths.

Oh, god… Yang crossed her arms and bit her lip. Was Ruby with a boyfriend? The idea of her little sister playing around with men was almost inconceivable. The bubbly, cheery, innocent Ruby, being workout by some big brutes…. Yang blinked, and her eyes turned red. She wanted to kick down the door and beat up whoever was touching Ruby. Ruby was her own person. She could make her own decisions. Yang realized she was trembling, and panting, her knees wobbling weakly.

Still, some force guided her hand to the door handle, turned it slowly downwards, and pushed ever so gently — enough to crack the door an inch or so open, rwbys peer inside. She saw a locker, a mirror…. Two muscular men hunched rwbys the pale, naked form of Ruby. She was sprawled on the bench, her thick asscheeks bouncing and clapping with each thundering strike of the mosntercock slamming in and out of her asshole.

Her silver eyes rolled in desperation, her hair dangling sweatily around her face as a rwbys of nuts bigger than her fists collided with her chin over and over, her neck distended and tits bounding with every thrust. Ropes of cum-infused spit oozed over her eyes and brow and dangled from the tips of her hair, forming a puddle at workout base of the bench.

Ruby twitched helplessly — until the rwbys, without even a pause, guided his half-erect cock to her pussy and forced it inside. She wailed, and her panicked vibrations sent the throatfucker into overdrive — he slammed her face rapid-fire, milking a tide of sloppy drool out of her lips and nose.

Yang touched a hand to her mouth and sank to her knees as Ruby spasmed beneath the men, spitroasted into a hazy oblivion. They were using her as a masturbation sleeve, stretching and gaping and pumping her like wild beasts! A minute ago, Yang was hot naked girl spring break sex to spring to the rescue, but now she felt weak.

When the throatfucker dislodged from her mouth, Ruby threw her head back and puked jizz — a fountain of gooey nutslop erupting from her throat, spraying a gluey arc that splashed and schlepped on the floor. Yang clenched her fists. Her knees wobbled too badly to stand, and her fat, threesom breasts heaved with unsteady breaths.

A flame-like heat trembled between her thighs. The sight of her little sister being fucked was…intoxicating. Yang wanted to see more, even though it shamed her. Ruby arched her back and whined as her lover came in her pussy. Once he was done, he stepped back — once again dragging every inch of his slimy, veiny cock out of her winking pussy — and admired his handiwork. Ruby lay stewing in their juices, belching bubbles of seed while her pussy and ass oozed a steady gloop of ballsludge. The men smirked regime her.

Maybe we should get extreme with you. She rolled out her tongue, and the man nuzzled his cockhead against the cup of her slick muscle, letting her slap and lap her tongue over and around his cum-drooling glans.

RWBY's Workout.

workout If you want some intensive learning, we can step up our game. Ruby gave him a faraway look, squirming where she lay. As the stud stroked his cockhead against her cheeks and the plump soft pillows of her lips, she made a purring noise and nodded. Her eyes widened, pupils constricting in shock. Yang saw her nostrils twitching as she sniffed the overpowering cockstench, then turned onto her front to lap and nuzzle them.

Ruby seemed to understand, then, what was about to happen. They squeezed their broad cockheads into her mouth, guiding them in until her cheeks bulged and she started to cough and rasp around them, more drool stringing down her chin and dangling to the floor.

Yang, in her hiding spot outside the door, was workout longer standing: she sank to her knees, trying to ignore his completely, soaking wet her pussy was. She made a high-pitched croaking noise, trying to squeal as low hip saree hot one, but two monstrous fuckpoles invaded her tiny little gullet, stretching it wide!

She gargled and grunted and spluttered on their twinned cocks, tits bouncing around in her top as they fucked her face in tight, cramped thrusts. She looked desperately up at her lovers while her neck bloated around their moving dicks, rwbys dug her fingers into the rwbys of the bench. Their thrusts were so bullish and brutal that her thick rear wobbled about, cum oozing from her gaping, winking pussy and asshole as she got double facefucked!

Just as soon as it started, it was over. The darker stud hooked his fingertips into her nostrils, blocking the spluttering flow, forcing her to keep everything in. The men tensed and growled, and hit their orgasm almost at the same time. Their cocks must have almost been touching her stomach when they started to cum.

The sight triggered something in Yang: she clenched her telugu hema pornhot pics and pitched forward, bumping her head against the wall. Her powerful thighs clamped together, and she gave a high-pitched squeal as she hit her climax. Half-blind with pleasure, she heard the gloosh of her own squirt hitting the floor as though from far away.

Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, turning red, regime her teeth dug into her lower lip. It was several moments before she realized she was regime like a piggy, gasping for breath, drool soaking her chin and top.! The men had wrenched out of her bloated sister, and were now looking toward the door in confusion. More comics: Another Summer Art Pack. Virtual Nightmare. Furry Fight Chronicles 5. Loli Raider 2: The temple of What Now?

Loli Dominator. Elsa tricks Kristoff. More: Futari Ochi. Bottomline C Get your Yordles off. Property Damage. Woman Pirate in Paradise 2. Quagmire Into the Multiverse. Warner Bros and their sisterDOT.

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Ruby's Workout Regime Get's Real

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