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UNC Basketball: Roy Williams Press Conference 120319

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Harris, who suffered a torn ACL just over a year ago, showed the ability to create his own shot, and made both of his attempts to finish with four points in six minutes. With the elin tera sex to create shots and play faster, both will become serious options for the rotation as they get healthier.

All along, both Francis and Harris have earned respect from their teammates for their work in the weight room and in rebab to get back from their injuries. I'm hoping that it'll help us a great deal. The UNC coach is pleased with the recruiting class.

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The Tar Heels suffered their fourth straight loss on Wednesday night. The Tar Heels will have to pound the ball inside to have a chance.

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Consider the stability with which those fans regard their head coaches. Not to mention as I have mentioned that it only took Roy fourteen years to get those three.

Roy Williams Dabs And Gets Hyped In The UNC Locker Room After The Duke Win

Is Roy Williams a faultless basketball coach? Absolutely not.

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Such a thing does not exist unless his name is Pat Riley. But Roy Williams is far beyond average. Chapel Hill is lucky to have him, lucky to take him for granted, and lucky that he tolerates the level of impatience he gets from segments of the Tar Heel fanbase.

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