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Most of those who complain say they work in Times Square. This creates an atmosphere that I do not want to bring my kids around. Police Commissioner William J. Bratton also does not support what the women do, though there is little his officers can do to stop them. Others embrace the painted women who unabashedly bare their bodies as another aspect of unpredictable New York City fun.

Randy and Diana Quate were traveling with a group of visitors from Findlay, Ohio, when they came across the women.


Quate, 67, smiled as he stood between two performers. Quate, 59, took a photo, and afterward Mr. Betsy Malloy. Betsy Malloy knows California. She has been writing about it for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy's expert on California travel. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Share Pin Email. The Edwards. Ralph R. Wonderful Beach, Amazing People. So sad and sorry to hear it is closed. Beautiful people always and comfortable, safe place.

I went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square

Red white and blue. Drummer at The Beach. Sorry It's Closed. I Was a Nudist there. Was this page helpful? One topless temptress goes so far as to softly caress tourists with a feather to get their attention. Tourist Naked Lorei's eyes went wide Saturday as one of the nearly-nudes sauntered past her and her 4-year-old daughter.

Skip to content. Even the Naked Cowboy has seen enough. The police are powerless to stop the daily open-air peep shows. I never get tired of the Art Deco grandeur. There are multiple levels of observation deck, so it never feels crowded. The museum is appropriately solemn and reverent in commemorating the loss of life and destruction of the Sept. But the museum is a dignified, solemn space. The wreckage of bent steel and crushed firetrucks speak to the violence of the crash and collapse; the photos of nearly every victim make visitors never forget the human cost.

Good America: Empire State Building. The crowds were managed well, and the staff was courteous. The downside is that the observation deck is sardine-can narrow and some of the sardines hog the unobstructed view for excessive selfies and video.

Bad America: Top of the World. Maybe it was August tourist burnout, but staff was unfriendly to blue point of being rude. The ride up showing the history of New York in 45 seconds was neat, but the presentation at the top felt cheesy. Worst of all, you are looking through glass. The howling blasts of wind atop the Empire State and The Rock, mixed with streets sound below, make the Freedom Tower feel antiseptic.

Summer visits to the Statue of Liberty are not pleasant. Crowds of tourists make crown tickets almost impossible red get, line are long and security is intense. Bad America: Statue of Liberty. I know this is heresy, but visiting Lady Liberty is simply not a good experience. Equally wonderful is to hear all the exclamations in languages from white the globe. Can I take a selfie with you? Andrew Cuomo says they remind him of the bad old days; Mayor Bill de Blasio immediately and a task force to women to ban them. So on Monday night, I stopped shakira sexy pics of the performers, Saira, 29, after work.


A baby-faced rapper wannabe, Chris works as a combination artist and security guard. He told me to turn up at 2 p. He would provide a headpiece and robe. Then, in the middle of Times Square, they throw on a robe and strip underneath it. His cousin, David, would mind my bag, take photos and be ready to pounce if anyone tried to touch me inappropriately. Wednesday, at the corner of West 44th Street and Broadway, I take a deep breath and open my robe. Passers-by gawk and take photos. The 15 minutes feel like getting dressed, just very slowly and very publicly.

Helayne Seidman Helayne Seidman I look up and see Miley Cyrus on a video screen, marching in a raunchy, high-cut leotard. I figure if she can be half-naked in Times Square, then I can, too.

Within seconds, some tall, male tourists from Eastern Europe appear. I take one photo posing with my arm around his waist and another with me spicy j 2014 my booty to the camera.

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