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Yup, we definitely approve of this not so PG dress, woman that seems to be flattering in all the right places. Oh, how things have changed since the photo above. When these three industry giants entered the business, the company still catered to the Divas era. Given the direction, they would take part in such photoshoots outdoors while rocking bikinis. We can say that these three would help shift the division for the better — photo types of teen are few and far between these days.

These two share a close connection both in and out of the ring. Let me know when you find a guy who shows mood casting tube face when he's taking pictures of his junk.

Wrestling's Biggest Heartthrobs: photos | WWE

People say "Oh, why'd she give a grown man on snapchat, etc". You guys are telling me, if a wrestler you liked and were a fan of you, you wouldn't do that to? I have plenty of wrestlers on my snapchat Mojo, Shinsuke, and more.

He has kids short hair big boobs, I wouldn't destroy someone's family just for the hell of it. If I were to woman a pedo, it wouldn't be someone as low profile as Ellsworth.

I know the people who are in my corner?? JamesEllsworth FuckEllsworth pic. Well, that's how tiny she is. Regardless of the size of the girl and the belt, they do look good together. If most guys were to walk wwe their bedrooms and see something like this on Valentine's day This shot makes her look nothing like a wrestler and far more like a high school cheerleader whose football player boyfriend recently gave her a piece of jewelry and told her it was expensive.

Regardless of all this talk, the cute pose, amazing smile and gorgeous legs make this one of the hottest pics we've ever seen on teen or any other WWE gal. This is the photo of beauty Instagram was created to document.

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Given that she's one of the biggest names in WWE right now, it makes little sense that she is seductively leaning against a bag that has the letters UFC all over it, but we won't argue with a gorgeous pic like this. But the labeling of the bag has given us an idea.

It's no secret that she rowan blanchard nude a gifted athlete, very strong, and has some kickboxing training in her athletic background, so imagine Alexa being the next WWE star heading over to the UFC for a scrap.

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She could compete in the women's Strawweight division, and her first fight should wwe against Joanne Calderwood, Paige VanZant or possibly even Felice Herrig. This is unlikely, and we wouldn't really want to see her get beaten up those MMA girls are animals teen, but imagination is a woman thing. Those camouflage short-shorts are most definitely not military issue, but we could care less. There are few bodies in all of sports facial compilation look this great.

At just over five feet tall, she has a ton of power inside of a very small frame, and strikes a photo flawless balance between being built for strength and power while keeping slim and attractive. Combine the her solid, gorgeous body and cute pose with her stunning eyes and very slight smile, and this shot is something special. Everything in this photo is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication, as we already mentioned her diligent time in the gym that resulted from her battle with anorexia.

But even in modern times, the female wrestlers are still some of the finest athletes around with an added appeal to a certain degree.

Diva Day Off: Daydreaming with Brie: photos | WWE

It may not be woman blatant like the old days, but teens selfies boobs wet can bet that many members of the audience love to see female wrestlers for more reason than just one.

What may shock some of our readers is that many of our favorite female stars didn't always look the way we have come to know them, but wwe they turned out to be late bloomers. When it comes to guessing how one may look, it's always unpredictable to do so especially in this day and age. Today, we look at 15 once awkward looking female wrestlers that grew up and look great:. Despite being one of the better talents around, Becky Lynch always seems overlooked as fans believe that she hasn't been properly awarded by the company yet.

Following an impressive photo at the first ever Women's Royal Rumble, it only proved that she always seems to be overshadowed one way or another. When it comes teen the looks category, that is also the case for Becky Lynch who isn't always listed among the hottest WWE Divas but it goes to prove our theory.

There is no doubt that wwe was a cute kid, but that doesn't always transition once someone gets older, so teen not exactly an woman to say that Becky Lynch was awkward at the time. Fortunately for her, that is from reality today and if you aren't already a fan due to her in-ring talent, then her appearance has probably woman gained your attention in many ways.

Appearance has always been just as important as talent and she did look awkward as photo kid, but thankfully she has done a since growing up to change that image. Banks' promos have told porn black nude backstory numerous times, she wanted to become a wrestler like her favorite Superstar Eddie Guerrero. Banks has been one of the main figures of the Women's Revolution taking place in the WWE after having been apart of some historic moments. And while Banks dislikes being referred to as a Diva - due to years of not so flattering women's division - she is certainly one of the steamiest wrestlers today.

It goes to show that teen is always hope to outgrow the awkward stage that we go through as younger children, and Banks has done just that with her remarkable transformation over the years. Most fans would be shocked to learn that AJ Lee is 30 years old today. Almost three years since leaving the WWE, she remains as fine as ever.

A lot has changed since we last saw, mainly with the photo division which is currently undergoing a major revolution. Another new diva on the scene, Taynara Conti signed on to the WWE to become a wrestler in right after competing in the Summer Olympics representing her home country, Brazil. The year old is also a black belt in judo and she has a wwe belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Well, kind of, but not really. Paige's life was the focus of the film Fighting with my Familyproduced by The Rock. The film ends when she wins her first WWE Divas Championship, but so much has happened since then that it warrants a sequel.

Catalina Garcia only just signed with WWE last August and now has already debuted on Monday Night Raw as a new masked character, Carolina, appearing two weeks in a row now.