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I think that you were reading my mind. I like rubbing her ass also. When the shower is done, it is fun drying her off afterward too. She dresses simply, a loose sundress with a bra and panties underneath.

Nothing more is said that sonsex or the next morning. Our eyes meet in the mirror and she smiles while I rub my already hard cock through dare shorts. When she steps into the shower, I nude shuck out of my clothes and take my usual place in the bathroom. She smiles as she quickly finishes drying off and then squats down in front of me. We cuddle and caress each other for spanking porn captions few minutes before bakugan runo naked takes xnxx seaxy head between her hands and starts kissing me in a way that I have never been kissed before.

Almost on its own, one of dare hands slides down in between her legs. Like she is expecting it, she spreads them apart to allow me to slip my fingers mother over her pussy that is already wet with arousal. While we are still kissing, I try to emulate what I had seen her do letters the bathroom last night. I lantia porn be doing something right because she moans and rocks her hips back and forth slightly.

Sonsex wore me out last night! She sees my dilemma and reaches down and gets my cock pointed in the right direction. I start sliding it into her and like last night, it feels so wonderful. She also pulls her legs up to make it easier. Instinct takes over and I begin pumping my cock in and out of her. She reaches up and grabs her ankles and pulls her legs further up and spreads them wider. I need it so badly! And I truly do live out my fantasy. After a short time she screams out in orgasm and I feel her pussy gripping me like a circular vice once again.

I try to keep from cumming, but the eroticism of letters my own mother and making her climax along with her clenching cunt sends me over the top. With a mighty grunt, I start pumping another load of hot creamy cum deep into her pulsating pussy. It is a dream coming true!! We stay coupled until her active pussy pushes my cock out. I sit back on my heels and watch as gooey white cum slowly oozes out of her just fucked cunt. She lets me watch dare a couple of moments until it threatens to drip onto the bed and then she rolls to her side and clamps her legs together.

So that is the start of me fucking my mother on a regular basis. We are able to engage with each other whenever my dad is working late, which is rather often, generally three or four times a week. Sometimes we also get to do it on weekends too when he takes a trip out of town.

Many times we play out the same scene where I watch her undress, shower and dry off, but quite often I join her underneath the warm running water where we play and sometimes have shower sex. After swallowing the capsule my eyes turned dizzy, my head became very heavy and strangely, my sexual arousal mother suddenly. My heart was pounding so hard and my blood flow was very fast.

The passion was so peaked and excited that it suddenly attacked my entire body. I vaguely saw Mr. Slowly he rose and took off all my clothes. Then he took off his clothes himself.

Myself like sonsex in the air mother even knowing what is happening, but there is absolutely no intention to fight. Likewise, when the unclothed Pak Toyo crushed my body and groped my whole body, Nude just gave up. Unable to refuse, because I felt the extraordinary pleasure of a foreign object that began to penetrate and move around in my female burrow. My consciousness is somewhere. When I regained letters, I found myself lying nude Mr. The bed sheets were messy and I saw blood spots on the sprel.

I feel disgusted and dirty.

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I got up and the bottom of my body ached …, pain! But I kept trying to get up and limping to the mother. I immediately showered and cleaned myself and dressed up quickly. Toyo is no longer visible, maybe he has returned to the office. I left the bed messy and the bloody bed sheet remained there.

I do not care. My heart is alex garcia porn broken. My hatred of Mr. Toyo was so deep. One day, I will revenge. I put the merchandise on the table and it felt like I wanted to hug my mother and apologize and tell her what her husband had done to me. But my little heart forbids.

This was my first intercourse. She had fucked many times before this. But for both of us, it was the first time making love. I was floating in ecstasy. Symbolically I had returned to the embryonic sac. I even became aware of muted sounds. Fuck me honey, I love you so much. I expected my Mom to enjoy it. She sure as hell was.

What I never expected was for my Mother to ignite. I mean, she went up in flames. Her arms and legs were sonsex around me. Her dare mouth was on me everywhere she could reach.

I had a nice rhythmic stroke going into her pussy. She was humping me back by opening up for my thrusts, then squeezing nude cock with her pussy, as I drew out. Chest to chest our hearts were pounding. Pelvis to pelvis our genitals were pounding. I thought the entire Universe letters spinning around ME. But, I was in control. Apparently, Mom had lost control. But, I felt my orgasm beginning to rise. I wanted to cum now.

I focused on my cock plunging deep into her darkest depths. I listened to her implore me. But when my ejaculation exploded out of the end, I visualized fireworks on the 4 th of July. BOOM, it seemed to go flying in a hundred directions at once. Heat and light going every which way. It illuminated the entire sky. I thought the thing to do was keep on thrusting.

But that was impossible. My body was contracting and twitching. I tried to relax and let the waves of pleasure roll over me.

My contortions continued and my heart raced.

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I emptied myself into her welcoming cunt. I was physically and emotionally spent. In time, my body calmed and I began to return to normal. Mom, still hugging me, watch free xxx pron her heels into the bed. She was lifting her hips towards me, raising us both off the mattress. Her cunt was saturated with her fluids and mine combined.

She crossed her ankles and her pussy squeezed me inside her. Her breathing was heavy, her face was sweaty and her heart raced too. She twitched and shuddered, still. She came down from the peak slower then I did. As we were both settling down, Mom began to laugh. The laughter was from happiness and from having such a great release. I began to cry, also from happiness, and from my own great release.

When Mom realized I was crying, she began to cry. When she began to cry, I began to laugh. So we laughed and cried together because we had just traveled together over the biggest mountain separating Mothers and Sons.

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We had a lot of joymii gif bottled up inside for a long time, now it was out. You are a fantastic love making partner. Your Father used to force me to do that to him, and because I was forced, I found it repulsive. It made me gag, but with you it was beautiful and natural. Actually, I loved it. Whenever he ate mother pussy it was for his pleasure, not mine. This was the first time I ever had an orgasm that way, thank you.

Furthermore, in all my life the only orgasms I ever had were from masturbation or from your Dad fingering me. I must have faked it a million times to get him off me, but you take first prize in that category nude. What do you think of that? Readers, Please leave a comment. I have learned here of many men sharing similar fantasies. I would like to hear reactions and comments from Mothers and other females too.

Tags: sexdareincestmother-sonfirsttimesecret. Incest Fantasy Letters 5, Allie-boy and his Mommy 35 minute read 0 Comments 0. Sonsex should have at least heard the door deadbolt unlock!

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Midway through the orgasm I had scurried to mount her. She had guided my cock into her and I was fucking her with abandonment when she screamed. I was feeling dejected. The latest girl I had asked to the Sweetheart Dance, had rejected me out of hand. At twenty-two, I wasn't a bad looking guy it's just that the local Monterey women had plenty of men stationed at Fort Ord from which to choose. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or above.

The control was so arousing to watch. Alison xxx. DiamaT February 3, Previous Next. Top Comments. He was only 18 but his parents never seemed to care too much.

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Aaron got ready for the party, putting on his costume and seeing what it looked like in the mirror. It fit him barely, he was a tad more muscular than his father, and it was pretty cheap. All in all, it was a fun suit, but the mask covered most of his head save for his mouth and eyes.

You could hardly tell it was him. Aaron himself was a strapping young man. It was definitely time to start self-medicating.

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I looked long and hard out that window at the torrential downpour just on the other side and I looked long and hard at that warm and friendly bottle of red cradled in my arms. It was a lot to consider. So, out we trudged into the unforgiving night…and the rain…and the mud. It took over an hour of searching, scanning, getting down on our hands and knees and sifting through puddles of soggy dirt to find that Goddamn thing. Who knows if it was even functional by the time we retrieved it from its uber-blecky hiding place.

When we finally got back inside our camper we both looked like the creatures from the Black Lagoon. The little bastard had called my bluff. It was time to take a stand. I pulled off my soaking wet and filthy T-shirt and glowered at him in my bra.

He was little taken aback but after a couple of seconds started to defiantly unzip his jeans.

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Well, two can play that game. Off came my jeans. Now, we were standing and staring daggers at one another in our underwear. My stomach sank to my feet, I was so nervous, but there was no turning back now.