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Does the image show a sexualized person as interchangeable? Does the image suggest that the sexual availability of the person is the defining characteristic of that person? Does the image show a sexualized person as a commodity, something that can be bought and sold? The Representation Projecta movement that seeks to expose gender inequalities, developed the NotBuyingIt app to publicly shame companies that sexualize women.

This app has brought about real change. Does the image present a sexualized person as a stand-in for an object? The perspectives shared on this blog come from many different writers, both YW staff and YW community members. Each writer brings her unique perspective to current issues, events and ideas. Get exclusive use of what is red tube image based on your selected multi-use license bundle. Internal use bundle.

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When I see a hot girl in an ad I think "Wow she's gorgeous! What a stunning woman! I think you comment says a lot about the topic that I think is being missed, we are not all seeing this in the same way, so we are not all christy canyon swedish erotica 57 this as a problem.

Having nude men in the ad is not turning the tables on men and having the intended women moment that they're going for, because Men tend not to see women as being submissive or of a lower status when nude in an advert in the same way that some women do, which is why even with the nude men in the advert my eyes are still looking at the female models.

The point may have worked better less attractive women but I doubt even this would have prompted me to feel whatever it is that a woman feels when she sees something like this that offends her. And I'm into men and women. Yeah, I'm a woman and when I look at a gorgeous looking woman in advertisement men wherever else, I don't feel like my gender is being offended.

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I think I'm a regular human being who likes to look at aesthetic stuff. Even if people on adverts are photoshopped. I'm like 'Wow! This comment is hidden. Click here to view. I guess the nakedness does not really matter here. They want to provoke in a "if you did the same series but with men and women roles flipped, than bla bla bla". Perreijonsee them provoke if they do not have more important things to concentrate on.

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Good message? Of course not!

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Good food for thought? Oh yeah! Let's think of it as an invitation to empathize, for men to try and immagine themselves in our shoes. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? Well, amature granny what I dunno wether this will be effective in the way I'm telling about it, and I DO NOT wish for this to be the new marketing standard, but from an artistic and philosophic point of view, you can't deny this is interesting.

It makes you think, it brings people to discuss. It's a waking slap on the face of society.

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Ok, but I think an issue you'll find is most men, like me, aren't offended by this any way so it doesn't really have the impact they were looking for. If you demand respect by disrespecting us, you only breed mistrust and hate, nothing positive. Want something positive from us? Give us something positive that we want from you.

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Its so easy. What people don't seem to understand when people criticize representation, is that there is context to consider. Yes, feminism wants equality. That is the ultimate goal. But it's not there, not nearly. Not in gender, not in race, not in ability, sexual orientation, religion. Criticism is raised in the context of certain groups of people systematically discriminated against, and generally degraded by society at large, which shows vastly in the media, ads included.

No, naked men in this ad is NOT the same as naked women for men's suits, because their social status is not the same.