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The miking might disturb the spatial integrity, but the otherwise simple recording still delivers the musical goods, while sensitively executed modern recordings can be spectacular. Even with music this sparse, it commands your attention, the system dropping away from the performance before you. Musically speaking, the quality of the ingredients shines through.

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But how far can they stretch and at what point do they overreach. In part the answer to that question depends on the system. Having used the Lars at length with the Living Voice Vox Olympian system, I can say with certainty that in that admittedly esoteric context, they never struggled for power.

In fact, of all the amps I tried with the Vox Olympian tube, they were tube far my favorites, their clarity and innate grasp of musical structure for me easily eclipsing the Kondo Gaku-Oh with which the speakers were developed and are so often, so convincingly demonstrated.

With both amps on hand, there was no question which of the two offered the greater musical insight as well as monica most musically engaging and satisfying performances. These speakers may not be the obvious choice for a sub watt amplifier, but then they also have something in common with both the Vivid and Marten designs.

All four are low-loss devices, with low-storage-signature cabinets and if they run the gamut of different, high-tech driver approaches, they all manage to preserve musical energy, one way or another. With both the Raidho real sex caught on hidden cam the Wilson Benesch designs, the Lars was more than happy -- up to a point. Go too big or too hard and the soundstage started to collapse and congeal, with dynamic compression monica down musical and tonal contrasts.

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But let the album run into the dense, musical maelstrom of "That Voice Again" and in the space of the gap between two tracks you have shifted the system from consummate tube to flirting with the edge of its comfort zone. Looking to investigate this very question, I assembled a selection of Shostakovitch 5th Symphonies, music that moves from the softly haunting to the truly monumental, via every stage in between.

In each case, the massive crescendos could and generally would tip the system over the edge, but the onset of distress and the nature tube collapse varied significantly with performance and, perhaps most interestingly, with provenance. It made monica a fascinating exercise, both in terms of the different interpretations monica performances and also the different presentations. Although the playing and direction are clear, the scale and energy demanded of the system foreshortens the depth and limits the dynamic range and musical impact.

The bass drum and double basses have more air and texture, but, above all, the music has a more defined and amateur mature tube porn shape and sense of purpose.

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Where both the Decca and the Signum discs expose the ultimate tube limitations of the amplifiers, the crescendos on the Previn are more impressive and impactful tube also delivered with less obvious constraint. If the benefits of the analog original are really that apparent, how about resorting to LP?

The LP offers a deeper, broader and far more dimensional soundstage, richer monica, greater presence and a far greater dynamic range.

Comparing it to the Berglund recording again highlights just how clearly these amps differentiate between performers and performances. That is a crucial observation when it comes to understanding these amps and their behavior under load. That, in turn, depends to a large extent on the presence of those qualities in the recording to start with.

But what they will do is capture the frisson of tension that makes the performance so dramatic and carry that thread through the towering demands of the crescendos.

The soundstage linda carters tits in and instruments can step forward. Intra-instrumental space gets congested, but the shape and phrasing, the pattern and purpose is maintained throughout. These are not amps for a diet of non-stop symphonic blockbusters; their considerable strengths lie at the more intimate and monica end of the musical spectrum.

But I never cease to be amazed by how capable they are when you ask them to roll up their sleeves and shovel some serious coal. As with any modestly powered amp, speaker matching is going to be crucial to the overall performance tube, with sensitivity playing a monica part in that equation.

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The Lars is no powerhouse, but the range of options available for a given musical demand will be far wider with the Lars than any of the other low-powered amps naked teenage girls with big butts here. Turning to the Monica used in isolation, I was initially frustrated and a little disappointed. Instead, it sounded rounded and softened, beguilingly warm and richly hued, but lacking that reach-out-and-touch quality that both the Connoisseur and the VTL possess.

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