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Which pony would you go gay for? - Page 2 - Sugarcube Corner - MLP Forums

Friendship is Magic ? My Little Pony ? I'm not gay for Braeburn, I'm not gay for Braeburn We seriously need some Braeburn episodes in season 4, maybe one where he accidentally gets locked in a broom cupboard with Fluttershy overnight. It would end with a letter:.

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But Braeburn does have a certain folksy charm about him. Shining Armor is better but sure, Brae's pretty up there on the attractive stallion braeburn, I suppose I never even paid him notice, was even confused why he was popular until a friend began bombarding me with pics of mlp X. I'm not gay, nor will i ever be gay, but if I had to choose a stallion, R34 would rather go with Shining Armor. He's pretty cool and he would be awesome to hang out with and whatever.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back and get a better look at the pictures I couldn't post No stallion would make me gay. I love the mares.

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The sexiest is Spitfire! But I'm getting off topic. I am not fetish simulator to be gay for ANY stallions! But I do want Big Mac to be my big brother! A lot of people say that "everypony's gay for Braeburn" because he's the hottest stallion. Au contraire, I say! Soarin is the hottest stallion! Not only is he a Wonderbolt, but he has impeccable tastes in baked goods.

I mean, who could deny this guy? I do love a man in uniform.

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So who else is on Team Soarin? Oh ho ho! I see what you did there ok ill be sure to also make a gay for shinning armor but like I said Braeburn can walk into a lesbian bar and come out a regular bar I'm biker chick flashes tits a big mlp of soarin as you could probably tell since I didn't make a gay for soarin thread I don't see why everypony r34 him I just don't really like his coat color or his mane style I still say that Braeburn is sexiest stallion.

I suddenly have the urge to sing an braeburn song about Soarin' and how amazing he is. But I can't sing. I really agree with you, Soarin is the cutest male character in the whole MLP franchise, besides Shining Armor, but still I love them both a lot.