Middle school girls getting naked

Users request images of current, former students

Parents, administrators, and counselors are all working overtime trying to take corrective action and make the most of a bad situation. Local law enforcement is involved because fingering rough photos represent child pornography. An arrangement has been made at this time to allow the school and local police department to collaborate and work with the students and families involved to handle the situation without the filing of any criminal charges.

Please be advised that this arrangement for amnesty is short term through Sunday, May 11, Effective Monday, May 12, any students involved in the behaviors described above will be subject to the application of the law.

The school district will be working to counsel and if appropriate, discipline the students who have been involved in this situation.

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Meuli has been principal for six years, and he was assistant principal of the school before that. He said that the school had had to handle a few instances in which a girl would break up with a boy and fear that he would circulate intimate photos of her, but that nothing this serious had been brought to his attention before. As of this writing, investigators have tracked down hundreds of images, and at least one video, involving these victims.

It's important for teens and parents to know that these cases, which could technically be treated as federal felonies child-porn distributionare posing a real challenge to prosecutors.

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Frank Dannahey, a youth officer in Connecticut for 17 years, agrees that this is a growing problem. Repeat violators could be charged with a felony.

The "sexual cyber harassment" law, which goes into effect on Oct. Elaine and her father want to remind teens that private photographs do not always stay private. They also want the people who posted the photos on the pornographic website to be criminally prosecuted.

Middle School Students Pass Along Nude Photos

They say the photos may have been forwarded to as many as fifty people and administrators are now concerned those pictures may end up here on the Internet. Douglas Ernst. At Castle Rock Middle School four girls and two boys allegedly dared each other to take the photos of themselves. Mail Online Videos. News videos Sport videos Femail videos Science videos Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Feedly More RSS feeds