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Milftoon - Marge Simpson Blackmailed by Moe. Blackmail Cartoon Porn Marge Simpson. Hugetits bigass Marge Simpson tied up and on her knees. Bigass Hot Hugetits. Group Sex Hardcore Hentai. Quite apart from their occasional affairs or visits to bordellos, Marge and Homer regularly "snuggle". They are not timid about sexual fantasy, either.

Marge didn't mind Homer losing his snowplough business, as long as he occasionally puts on the Mr Plow costume in the bedroom. Palombo, it seems, is a bit late when it comes to sexing up Springfield's hottest couple.

Palombo has a lot of fun but misses the real humour of The Simpsons at its best: the humanity and warmth, the delight in the ridiculous. That name again is Mr Plow. Topics Art and design. Reuse this content. Marge Simpsons Porn Collection 9.

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Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Having Some Fun in the Shower! Admin - November 21, 0. This is what Luanna does with Bart when her husband isn't home. She loves Bart's big fat dick inside of her. When Lisa asks her: "Mom, was that the most exciting thing marge have ever done? After some increasingly nudes thrill-seeking, Marge becomes a police officer. At which point Homer delivers www xnxx com r the best line about traditional gender roles in US television history: "Marge, you being a cop makes you the man, which makes fake the woman, and I have no interest in that.

In other words, one of The Simpsons' targets has long been our culture's inability to come to terms with women's empowerment — or, indeed, to locate that simpson anywhere other than in the arenas of sexuality and maternity.

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For a supposedly "stay-at-home mother", Marge has, over the years, pursued gay fat booty remarkable array of careers, not just as police officer, but also as actor, waitress, fake, estate agent, marriage counsellor, carpenter — and even as a glamour model, after inadvertently receiving breast implants. She had them removed at the end of the episode simpson but not before prompting the tabloid headline, "Crazed mom goes topless!

In fact, Marge has also always had a sexual side: she and Homer have had an actual roll in the hay, sex on a miniature golf course, and the breast implants themselves came about as the result marge a hospital mixup when she tried to get liposuction to ensure that she remained attractive to her nudes.

But, like many women, Marge also flirted in her youth with radical feminism — or rather, with the patronising male professor instructing her in it, who tells her that anything penis-shaped is evil, and that the wedding they wander past is a sign that "slavery is alive and well in Springfield". When Marge protests that she wants to get married some day, the professor informs her, sighing, "Ah, Marge, it's statements like that that make people say women are stupid.

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If The Simpsons occasionally lampoons feminism, however, it much more frequently satirises the objectification of women for commercial purposes: in one episode Marge and Lisa watch a television ad in which a man at a petrol station is approached by three scantily dressed sexy young women, strutting to pop music; one of them leans over to reveal a cross dangling in her cleavage, and a voiceover intones: "The Catholic church.

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Playboy is trying to claim the same thing in promising to reveal the devil in Marge Simpson. But Marge has been showing her devilish side for years. And, actually, in Marge was featured on the cover of Maxim — in a negligee, on all fours, scrubbing the floor — jennie porn it's hard to conclude that she's letting the sisterhood particularly down by appearing in Playboy.

If Marge has always been a figure for sending up cultural questions about women's roles, then one could argue there is nowhere more appropriate for her to end up than on the cover of Playboy, the magazine that emerged in the very era — the American s — that The Simpsons was born to burlesque.

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Playboy represented the flipside of that fantasy of domestic stability: instead, the magazine offered a sentimental fantasy of sanitised promiscuity.