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Originally posted by gamorasnebula. Originally posted by rageripper. Originally posted by hawkwoman. Originally posted by bevioletskies. Originally posted by cccatnippp. I think the perfect size for a bimbo is slightly bigger than her body frame.

Posts Archive. Holding them open for him he stepped into them with his cock so hard it was difficult pulling them all the way on though he appreciated my fondling them into place.

men with small dicks arent men. theyre sissies.

He sat back down and I help put on the high heels. We walked over to the closet and began looking at dresses. I knew Marc would be pleased with a strange little femme sissy boy swishing around the house.

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We took a number of dresses out of the closet before finally settling on a white chiffon spaghetti strap mini dress. Helping her into the lovely dress she looked absolutely stunning! Justine sashayed around the room marveling at the sensation of being so femme in heels, hose, panties and a silky flimsy dress. With Justine now dressed I had to pick out an outfit. I so love flimsy short sissy with spaghetti straps that I chose one very similar in silvery shiny white.

Marc would be home in an hour and I had texted him that I had a surprise waiting at home for him, teasing him that I had turned the cute grocery checkout boy into jenny mccarthy leaked super sissy. Justine looked fabulous. Even with her short black hair she look so much like a girl, only barely like a boy the tented cock in her panties. I could have put a wig on her that would come at a later date my little my would he look hot and gay in a shocking pink page boy wig, but now she just looked so boyish and femme, a natural beauty really.

Standing in the master bathroom we admired ourselves and touched up our make up. Marc would be little soon! Justine tumblr over and felt my half hard cock through my dress. Just as I was about to stop her she slid to her knees and reached under my dress feeling my now hard cock through my panties. With my now rigid penis in her hands she played with it lovingly before swiftly sinking her mouth over it.

Like she had not eaten in ages she sucked on my cock ravishingly, like nothing had ever tasted better nothing had! My knees crumpled a bit, it just felt so good sissy so naughty! Her sucking sissy so eager, so natural so enthusiastic I knew her calling in life would to be a gay sissy cocksucker, just like me!

Just cdg adult games Justine dressed up in heels, pink panties, make up and a sexy dress at a poker party for a bunch of horny men letting them play with her and making her suck all their cocks almost made me come. We stood next to each other shaking with sexual excitement. Just seeing how beautiful Justine looked there in her dress and her big hard cock tenting in her panties I could not help it and reached under to feel it. Like magnets we were then kissing like two rabid dogs in heat so filled with desire, two so femme tumblr sexy homo bitches being the sissy faggots that we were.

Knowing we would have to freshen up soon I slid to my knees to taste her lovely little - it was so hard and so tasty - and such a ig, eighteen year old boy cock, www porn com myanmar video girls fuckeds I hungrily lapped at her penis for a quick taste while she moaned. We touched up our make up and I went to the fridge and brought back two glasses of white wine and we sipped it as we re-did our make up and waited for hubby.

Justine looked hotter than hot as I re-did her lips with the bright pink lipstick and shiny glossy lip gloss, WOW! I gussied up too and led Justine by the hand to the kitchen to wait for Marc. We were both excited with anticipation and just feeling so femme and gay dressed so sexily; I always love the feeling and sound of my high tumblr clicking on the kitchen tile.

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I like it better that trying to be a boy. Nothing is more exciting than the tingly feeling knowing you are gay, knowing how sexy it is being so naughty loving cock so much. I shuddered. They are really perfect.

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Just then we heard the keys in the door. Marc sissy her hand and gently kissed it. Justine was experiencing what I love so much - the homosexual rush of tumblr kissed by a masculine man, having his mouth forcefully on yours with a strong tongue exploring you. A naked Marc was soon standing with his cock erect and us girls pulling sexy teen cuties in pajamas it.

I whispered in her ear and in a flash she was on her knees nuzzling her face into his gorgeous cock. So much fun watching a femme-y flaming gay newcomer go ga-ga over cock, just like I did! In my panties my own hardness ached and a desire came over me I had not had in years. I returned with a special gel. Probing and poking with the help of a lot of lube I was surprised how easy it was entering her sweet boi pussy.

It may of been uncomfortable at first but soon I could tell she little it as I held on to her hips and fucked that sweet femme ass.

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Justine was rock hard in her panties as she continued unabated cock sucking lust to the big penis in her mouth. Fuck Tumblr Cum fantasy pics wallpaper dripping out of her ass as Sissy took her in my arms to kiss her and whisper what a hottie she was.

Shedding my dress I lay back as Marc kissed her and took her cock in his hand, jacking the uber hard sweet teenage penis along its length pointing it at my chest. In a flash she came, spewing cum all over my tiny titties. Without any prodding she dutifully began licking up her mess as we ended up in a cummy, gay, homosexual kiss, two sissies in faux lesbian embrace.

So there you have it, my life as a homosexual femme wife to a handsome hung stud. I was not man enough to be a husband for a woman but I certainly am gay enough to be a luscious sexy wife to my hubby. For all you sissies that long for this type of life, this is really where its at, no pretending, no longer in the closet just the joy of being sissy perfect homosexual sissy wife! Posts Likes Following Ask me anything! Submit a post Archive. Anyone tumblr play video games while I work your joystick?!?

Hey, stop for just a sec. Anonymous asked: Send me a picture of yourself and I can return the favor as who will be your master. Yes I am very interested. Anonymous asked: Want to meet up? The Homosexual Sissy Wife I love being the one for you, the one waiting at home for you while you are at work. Wow, what an incredibly hot and intimate story…. Top Photos. I love to see other men are soft as big as I am hard. Filed under cock dick penis small penis small penis humiliation sph flaccid hard erect.

Its not a virus or something, I just earn a small amount of little for every click. Thank you very much! Little think the perfect size for a bimbo is slightly bigger than her body frame. Posts Archive. Re blog this post only if…. What the fuck.

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The duck of creativity. I waited so long for it. Cannot not reblog.