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Hold on. I come out there and the whole club security surrounds me. They whooped my ass through the club, the security. My entourage was all around us and they were getting their asses whooped too! On March 20,during an interview Yung Berg announced that he was done with wearing flashy jewelry stating.

On some real shit back in the day when I was buying those big ass chains and shit, I felt like that was a part of me being Yung Berg. Ward, and who I really I am, I toned down. I'm not going to be with the big gaudy chains because people would look and they would say 'Well, this nigga still ain't learn his lesson.

It's not going to be catching just the nigga eye. However, during an interview, Berg stated that gustavo arrango two had settled their differences.

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On July 10, Yung Berg made a controversial videos with rapper Flo Rida when speaking about his upcoming album Look What You Made Me when he stated "my album got pushed back like Flo Rida's hairline", though he later apologized for his remark stating he was just playing. I don't even know her like that, and at the end of the day, why are we gonna go back and forth about how you tried to holla at me I've got bigger things to worry about than being trivial over some pussy, especially when there's so much pussy out there.

I've been called worse by better people than her". Later in the season, he fuck her song "Deserve". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Yung Berg discography. Retrieved on October 11, MTV News. Retrieved June 24, Sony Lucy zara videos Entertainment. Archived from the original on May 7, Archived from homemade cleavage original on December 5, Retrieved November 6, hot Another top-notched producer who will produce new materials in her sophomore effort kat Jim Jonsin, boy one who helped T.

The video features shots of Deluna wearing blue, pink and black. There are also scenes with her on a motorcycle with Lil Wayne.

Wayne is also found holding his signature Gibson ES and singing into a microphone.

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There are two versions of "Unstoppable". The duet version with Lil Wayne was released as a single. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Electropop dance-pop hip hop. Universal Motown Konvict Muzik. Nadir Khayat Dwayne Carter, Jr. Kinda "Kee" Hamid. Retrieved November 1, Kat DeLuna. Inside Out: The Mixtape.

Lil Wayne singles.