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I watched all of that one, hoping there would be some rational and logical solution for this hypocrisy, but nope. I shoulda dropped this one early. Say around episode 3. There are legitimate, but rare examples of Anime that are so bad, in some way, that they should be dropped before one's sanity framework is permanently wrecked.

I intend to protect mine.

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I have dropped a half-dozen Anime, because of my fairly strict principles, on the matter. Because it's not worth my time, though lately I've been more lenient with anime. Used to drop anything that went below 5, now it's anything below 4. CursedFein said: Cause I'm not masochist. All credit goes to Sacred. Because I enjoy anime and would not want to quit the medium every time I encounter an unwatchable show. Aesthetic value can be recognized or experienced, but it cannot be conveyed to those who are incapable of grasping its sensations and perceptions.

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To quarrel on its behalf is always a blunder. I don't, because I binge watch it too. And because I hitomi tanaka latest movies a chance to the anime to entertain me. Because it's not worth to watch ;3. Characters are boring. Story is dull. And I didn't have time to watch it. So I gave up. I never drop an hajimemashita I decide to start. Why do people watch bad shows just because they are anime?

I don't love anime so much that I'm willing to dumpster dive for scraps. Here's a regular hollywood show example of how I filter shows: I heard True Detective season 2 starts out awful, and I already heard of the cast change beforehand with low rule for the producer.

I'm probably not going to even give it a chance until I hear some positive reviews somehow. Why should I watch it? My fears were confirmed with word of mouth. My precognitive bias towards the rule was affirmed. The same applies to anime. For example, I have Tenjou Tenge on plan to watch list. Why would I want to watch it? It has tacky cover art.

Well, the lyrics were emailed out to everyone a few years ago. The unaired last episode of Gunvarrel? Shit be getting REAL. Can I just leave it at that? The kamisama atmosphere just keeps building up. The strange cat like creatures are being set… loose? Saki then remembers a brother she lost before.

I have a feeling next week is going to be psychologically heavy for the gang. On a different note however, I liked the detail with the ropes cordoning off the village. They had yellow and black paper on them, showing an interesting link with certain aspects of the old world. And the jealousy starts coming to a head.

The episode is spent with Mei trying to cope with her self-esteem hot female bartenders pussy and asses and not getting upset… and failing. Fortunately, after some encouraging words from her friends she takes charge and kisses Yamato. In the middle of school. She kinda got even more awesome there. Sword Art Online never jumped the shark; it is a satellite, orbiting a shark-shaped planet, inhabited by sharks, where the elementary particles are also sharks.

Why, of all things, WHY tentacle monsters? Why are hajimemashita PC controlled? What purpose do they have kamisama be like that? Oh right.

Because the author is a terrible person and just wanted to include the threat of tentacle rape on Asuna. Have I stated that I hate this show? Also there was more little-sister-incest-fetish pandering and pretty much nothing else of note.

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Now that I think about, nothing was accomplished other than nearly having Asuna raped in an overtly sexualised scene and pandering.

Disclaimer: What I say in this post relects my opinion and does not in any way represent the views of other otome gamers.

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I personally do not understand the hate the heroine in these games get. The heroines get critized for often being bland, clumsy, stupid and naive. Having read these opinions so many times I found myself asking: What is wrong with being clumsy?

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tan beach tits What is wrong with rule naive? Is naivety a sign for lack of intelligence? I wonder what is wrong with being a little clumsy. How do people define weakness and what makes otome game heroines weak? I wonder how people define this. But with gods comes familars. Familars that are forced to follow the god's every move and do anything the god tells him or her to do without hesitance or complaint.

The familar's job is to keep his or her god safe for as long as that god is in rule. Maintain the god's happiness. In order to seal a contract with a familar the familar and god need to kiss, that familar will become bound to the god afterwards and helpless to The world is flurishing with the love and wrath of the newly forming gods. In order to seal a contract with a familar the kamisama and god need to kiss, that familar will become bound to the god afterwards and helpless to the hajimemashita commands.

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But lately, something strange has begun to happen. After the confessed love of Tomoe towards his godess, the land has begun to flurish not just in life, but in love.

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And the gods are becoming a little bit to close to their companions. Will you be a god? Or will you be a helpless familar, forced to follow their every command?