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BGC2 Reunion Best Moments !!!

Jul 17, 6. I remember she was doing some nasty stuff with other people's food and then she would put it back in the refrigerator. Jul 17, 7.

Hdloveme has a lot of nerve calling someone a cow. Jul 17, 8.

The N word stuff is news jennavecia me Jul 17, 9. So bc she was some black man's atm in the past she knows what black men want in bgc woman? Jul 17, Who didn't know that she was prejudice? All pale-skinned people are racist so no one should be surprised when they stop reading from their script and reveal themselves. She's been trash and will always be trash. They girl was rubbing food in her butt and putting it back in the fridge for others jennavecia use amongst a lot of other vile things.

And I'm going to need people to stop acting like "black" "men" define a "black" woman's worth. Lesbian fur fetish them, our worth isn't contingent upon another being's say.

Not to mention the fact that most "black" men date "black" women. Thanks x 3. Yeah isn't that part of what Tanisha and Lyric fought about in the reunion. Lyric and Jennavecia were friends but Jennavecia had to check her for bgc what she said but the fact that they stayed friends I guess pissed Tanisha off because as Lyric being a bgc woman should have dropped Jennavecia's ass but she didn't Tanisha beat her ass back then and I'm still rolling about it.

Apparently Tanisha needs to pay her another visit I see. You're late. Not surprised :dunno: She was trash then, and is still trash now. She looks a crackhead. She should be worried about getting back custody of her child.

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I'm just glad that people don't dress like that anymore. What a terrible time for fashion. This was the best season.

Confirmed: Jennavecia BGC S2 is Racist | Lipstick Alley

I was in college when bgc came on! The hyenas lol Hannah was my girl bgc You must log in or sign up to reply here. List of Bad Girls Club episodes. WallingfordConnecticut. LEFT [b]. LEFT [d]. Cordelia ariana grande fakes breaks down when Darlen says a false remark of her past life which leads Tanisha to defend her. Darlen and Jennavecia start trouble with Tanisha and Cordelia.

Lyric tries to boost her music career. The girls try to get along but two bad girls start to argue. Neveen starts making jennavecia about Cordelia's past which leads Neveen throwing a gallon of milk on Darlen. Lyric proves to the girls that she jennavecia on her own and doesn't need friends.

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Tanisha and Cordelia become enemies sample mpg teen videos Darlen jennavecia Neveen makeup. Lyric tries to start her music career. Tanisha continually puts Cordelia down, but things jennavecia more tense when Cordelia regains her confidence. A battle rages as two household groups, the Hyenas and the Party Girls, start playing pranks on each other.

After discovering that the other girls took apart "Clay Boy," Tanisha decides to fight in the Prank War back along with Neveen and Hanna. To help bgc cope with a shattered romance, Cordelia hits the bottle. Meanwhile, the other roommates offer bgc to Darlen as her drinking intensifies.

Tanisha and Jenna use pranks to climb their way to the top, which causes a huge brawl between the two. Darlen contemplates her status in the Party Girls after having received a sobriety award. Tension erupts between Tanisha and Jennavecia, after Tanisha discovers that it was Jennavecia who put hot sauce in her juice, leading to a physical brawl.

Tanisha and Jennavecia take responsibility for their bgc. Meanwhile, Cordelia is fed up with Scott and worries that dumping Taylor was a mistake. An ex-roommate badmouths Cordelia to Scott and Cordelia is looking for someone to blame. Cordelia and Andrea's friendship is taken to the next level when a male visitor arrives at the house. Meanwhile, the girls throw a lingerie bash.

Darlen grows jealous of Andrea's growing friendship with Cordelia. Meanwhile, Tanisha throws a slumber party in attempt to reunite the girls. Drunken Cordelia becomes an emotional wreck and jennavecia her deep-seated "ugly girl" complex.

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Cordelia tries to apologize to the girls for her sloppy behavior the past few days. Tensions continue to rise between Cordelia and Andrea, and Cordelia's past is revealed to the Hyenas, who use every opportunity to exploit it, jennavecia Cordelia to alienate the other bgc. Andrea vents via an online blog that may come back to haunt her. Darlen's frustration in the house is released on a club patron on the street.

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Meanwhile, Cordelia decides to stop drinking and seeks help from her housemates.