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Later, Cooper and Corwin blast through Greenland on a snowmobile en route to a discussion of global warming, and Gupta joins divers in the South Pacific to investigate dying coral, a sign of rising ocean temperatures. Viewers will have to connect most of the dots themselves. Joanne Ostrow: or jostrow denverpost. Log In Membership Newsletters Obituaries. By Joanne Ostrow joniostrow gmail.

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I am truely sickened. Apparently even otter penis is considered a cure for something! An otter penis for gawd sakes! In Canada we have an awful problem with black bears being slaughtered for their gall bladders. A beautiful bear lost for a stupid belief that it's gall bladder can actually make someone healthy or more sexually potent or lord knows what!


I'm sorry for this rant. I know this has gone on for centuries and it shouldn't upset me so very much, but it has.

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Jeff Corwin finds pound giant stingray in Thailand - New York Daily News

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