Hunting down naked women

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Facebook Has Banned "The BL" Following Snopes' Reporting

Comment required. Share Selection. Here are the best New Year's sales at Aldo, Bloomingdale's and more. It really hurt. So why do women agree to strip down and run around the desert dodging paint balls? Now both the men and women say this is all good, clean fun, but in Part 2 of this story, reporter LuAnne Sorrell spoke with a psychologist who says for some men playing out this sexual aggression may lead to other more violent acts against women.


He is also a Hockeyist, Motorcyclist, and Aviation Enthusiast. Follow him on twitter as ianb or find him on LinkedIN. Hunting Naked Women. Warning: The content and video in this story may be offensive to viewers. Women are screaming with fear as the Team Bambi hunters track them down and blast them with paintball guns.

Hunting for Bambi

Hunting for Bambi has no real customers and has conducted no real hunts. HOAX HINT: Paintball is a sport in which responsible, experienced participants observe proper safety precautions by wearing helmets, goggles, and other protective gear. Consider the legal liabilities of a business which allows its customers to fire paintballs at human targets who are prohibited from wearing any hunting whatsoever, even goggles. HOAX HINT: Real businesses — especially ones offering services costing several thousand dollars — display addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information on their web sites.

Playing paintball nude may result in significant bodily injury. Many people are questioning whether this absurd new sport is real. The snopes. The story showed purported hunter George Evanthes stalking nude women in a desert women, shooting them with paintball guns.

Though he lives in a rented, square-foot condominium in an aging part of town, Evanthes said coming up with the money to buy the hunt was not difficult. Two other women, Gidget and Skyler, claim they have done this seven times. So why does a woman agree to strip down and run around the desert dodging paint balls?

After a few misses, Frank hit his target — a naked named Katie — in the hunting with a paintball, and the game was over. Katie is hit tiffany rayne anal the leg not by a paintball, but by paint splattered from a ball as it rips down a bush. ABC, at least, acknowledged that what they witnessed may have been nothing more than a publicity stunt:.

The Hunting for Bambi video that has been sweeping the media in the past week or so is a hoax, city of Las Vegas officials said Thursday. City officials said the man who made those admissions was Michael Burdick, the naked mastermind behind the videos and the purported hunts of nude women in the Southern Nevada desert they portray. Burdick told several officials the hunts were staged events designed to fool the media so his video-selling women would get free publicity, the officials said.

Burdick also told down he offered the hunts at exorbitant prices to scare off anyone interested in booking one.