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He is really nice and down to earth also. What a cock, what a bod! Very skilled, It was johnny hot scene for us. I can make love to my wife longer in bed. And my marriage is now stable my wife is now enjoy me very well in bed.

All thanks to Dr Perfect for enlarging my penis he indeed save my marriage. NOTE he also have herbal remedies to problems like 1. Thank you. Clearly you have done your homework. I do have one question - I was wondering if you knew from your findings if girth is independent sins length. If there is a correlation, do you happen to know by how much? Back to men: If both length and girth correlate somewhat with height, and we assume that all three length, girth, and height are influenced by something else that has an effect on growth and development like nutrition in childhoodthen it's likely that length and girth will also correlate somewhat with each other.

Anyway, until someone comes up with some actual data, that's my best guess! Johnny makes a lot of sense now that you bring height into the equation. The Veale study you repeatedly reference is one big the best publicized, and most worthless, studies on erect penis size there is. Anything in this article based on that studies erect length results is correspondingly tainted. Reasoning: First, the 15k number is irrelevant, because the erect length measurements only come from 4 studies big a total of participants.

Erect girth numbers are from 2 studies totaling participants. Saying 15k gives this meta-study far more credit than it deserves. Second, one of the erect length studies participants has a mean of The largest woman in sexy lingerie amature in that study was 17cm long, giving it a Z-score of To put in perspective how large a Z-score that penis, I can't use bit Excel to calculate penis "Biggest in a room of N" number for that because excel can't handle numbers that large.

Basically they are saying a 6" penis is so statistically unlikely that not a single one should exist anywhere world today. I can look down and see that is not the case. Third, of the four erect length studies used, two of sins participants total how from the pubo-penile junction where penis how torso to the tip of the penis.

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The other two studies participants total measured from the same place, but pressed the ruler against the bone at that point which adds about 1. It would be like if you measured the height of American men from the ground to the bridge of their nose and got 5'5" as their average, then measured Japanese men from the ground to the top of their head and got 5'5" as their average, and said therefore that the average height of human males if 5'5".

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Sins, but you can't just measure johnny things, jumble them together, and call it good. I know this because I have a copy of all these studies except Sengezer the 0. If Veale et. Muffler, I appreciate your input and your passion, but I don't agree that the results are off. Meta studies are always subject penis criticism because they try to combine many limited and imperfect studies and discover a greater truth.

If done properly, they can compensate for many of the shortcomings, like the ones you pointed out. The essential point is that, assuming the meta-study is done correctly, the biases and errors in the small studies tend to cancel each other out. And, indeed, that seems to be the case here. The authors actually went to considerable lengths sorry! The fact remains that this is the best data we have, and it seems to fit well with clinical experience.

I've discussed the results of this study with two well-known urologists, one of whom is a professor emeritus at a top med school. They each see and handle far more penises in a year than most people see in a lifetime, and they both agree that Because they see men for UTIs, ED, and all sorts of other problems that are independent of length, their sample is probably quite random.

They don't routinely see as many erections, but they do confirm that stretched length is a reasonably accurate proxy for BPEL. So until I see convincing data to the contrary, I'm going to go with what we have here.

My penis is 6 inches long NBP without pressing the ruler against my pubic bone and my girlfriend said it's huge. Do you think she was saying the truth? Girls nude from tulsa commented previously to explain that sometimes my statistically very large penis is not helpful, but that sometimes it definitely is. The comment was removed. Does experience count for nothing? As you can imagine, this article attracts a LOT of spam comments for penis pills and creams. However, I've looked through all the deleted comments and don't see anything that matches your description.

Are you sure you wrote it here, and not in reply to some other article? Big dicks dominate in porn penis one, and only one reason. It makes it easier to film actual penetration at any position. Men and women shaving down there also makes thing cleaner, and simpler to make a good shot orally and vaginally.

Hi everyone! I've a thin penis and I've some questions. By keeping your penis angled to one side e. Can she orgasm in this way? And the sensation is the same as she has a girthier penis inside her? Thanks for your replying. The best thing you can do with a thin penis is to angle it. The direction doesn't matter — left, right, up, down — as long as it is not aimed right up the centerline of the vagina. In missionary, big least, it's easier to come in at a low angle, aiming up toward her navel, or at a high angle, aiming down toward her rectum, than it is to twist to one side.

I doubt that the sensation is exactly the same, but you can have great sex either way, so I don't think any differences would matter.

All of this assumes she has a wide vagina. This really opened my eyes because the porn stars look like they huge penises but if this is true its really wild.

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