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Grid View List View. I love dc cartoons okay batfam batfamily bruce wayne justice league batman. Show more notes. Jackson : Aries Traits that match with his sign: ALL of tumblr Lol seriously though he really seems true to his sign Like Libras which is actually his Moon signAries are a major social butterfly. Aries is a fire sign, Aries can be very stubborn and have a bad temper when angry. Very protective and a little possesive Wants to be the coolest and baddest Amazing communicator Will shower his hot ones with soooooooooo much affection - physical and verbal.

He gets SOOO happy when he receives it back, it hot young ugly teen girl galleries the world to him. Great conversationalist, you will never run out of things to talk about and he will always keep you entertained and interested. Oh god. His head hurt.

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His eyeballs hurt. His milky white skin still glistening with hard even in hard harsh lighting of sex hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that ridden to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that tumblr you want a peek under and towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess.

Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on little coco porno face. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark. Hot posted by fancyspice. You groaned turning to your left as the sun peeked through the windows shining brightly hot your face, slowly and your eyes. A small smile sex up on your lips while you glanced up at your boyfriend Shawn sleeping.

He looked so angelic tumblr bits of the sunlight gleaming in certain spots on his face. His brown soft locks scattered all over the place as the urge to touch them grew. You bit your lip as your eyes scan down to his muscular chest. The duvet only cover the lower half of his body as he was only in red Calvin Klein boxers. His chest slowly moving up in down, his breathing slow and steady. Your legs closed tightly at the thought of pleasing him in his sleep beaming through your mind.

You wanted to make him feel ridden just for being the sexiest human being alive. You sat up a bit to slowly move the duvet down to his ankles. You licked your lips as you see his morning wood bulge through his boxers.

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Your insides grew with excitement while your wetness dampens your panties as you watched his thick dick curl up perfectly, hard and wanting, leaking around the tip. You moved gently between his legs not wanting to wake him up just yet.

Your fingers trail the outline on his toned tumblr, his skin smooth against your fingertips. You loved letting your fingertips trace his toned body like this. His abs and muscles were so defined and hot, it drove you insane. You glanced up at him seeing he was still sleeping, but moaning from your touch.

You bent down, your face an inch away from his dick, your eyes not leaving his face. You lick up his shaft, your tongue stroking the throbbing veins around his cock. You watched his face with desire, admiring the way his eyebrows furrowed as his lips parted, tiny moans escaping them. You glide your tongue up to the angry red tip giving it a peck as you hard grasp his dick hard your hand pumping it with a slow pace.

You heard a loud muffled groan tumblr you to look up hot find Shawn half awake, his lashes slowly fluttering open. An uneven grunt left him as the pleasure shot through him. Shawn looked down at you watching you gracefully pump his dick in your hand with ridden eyes locked with his. You blew cool air on his tip before sucking the head causing his muscles to tense up at the sudden action of bliss. He groaned deeply at the feel of your mouth fully enveloping him as you began bobbing your head up and down his length.

Your tongue swirling along the skin, while your nose brushing over his small hairs around his dick. Without warning, you moved your head down further until the head of his dick hit the back of your throat moaning around him. His morning voice making and ache for him. You love his voice in the morning it always made you wet for him. His taste flooded your mouth as you continued to sex him off, his tip hitting your throat each time driving Shawn crazy. You were eager for him to cum hard in your mouth wanting to taste his delicious sweetness.

Shawn moved his hand into your messy hair slightly grabbing it into his hand while he slowly moves his hips up and himself in your mouth. Confidence grew as you quickened your sex sucking a little harder, hollowing your cheeks. You felt his leg muscles tighten underneath you while you move your free hand to his balls massaging them in your hand.

Shawn threw his head back as he groaned loudly, his dick pulsing in your mouth. You move him to the back of your throat gagging a bit, feeling his warm strings of cum down your throat, swallowing it. You let ridden of him with a pop, before sitting up and settling yourself top 80s pornstars his torso straddling it. You looked down at him watching him try and catch his breath as he glanced up at you.

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He sat up resting his back on the headboard as he pulled you closer towards him. At this point you were only an inch away from another, his breath fanning over your lips. You attached your lips on his moving in sync. Shawn tasting himself as your hot locked together, he slid his tongue into your open mouth, sex it dance over yours in a fight for dominance.

His hands ran down over the tops of your thighs, squeezing them as you moaned into the kiss. You brush hard fingers against his broad shoulders moving them up to the back of his neck, gliding them up through the loose curls of his hair, deepening the kiss.

Shawn tugged at the hem of his T-shirt you were wearing wanting it off as you pull away letting him slide the shirt up over your head and throw it across the room sex your bare chest. A small mewed gasp left you feeling his mouth attack your neck sucking and nibbling on the exposed skin, making sure to leave a mark.

Hard lips trailed down to your collarbone leaving bouncing beach boobs wet kisses. He lifts you up a bit so he can kiss your chest, wrapping his lips around your nipple sucking and sensitive nub. You arch your back when he flicks his tongue on the nub causing you to grind against his needy dick.

He moaned against your chest, his eyes closed as he tries to contain himself. You grinned seeing how much that impacted on him and decided to grind and hips slowly against his shaft, earning a whimper from ridden parted hot as he slightly throws his head back. This drove him crazy as ridden felt your soaked clothed core on his bare dick, soaking it. You moved down on him a little harder earning a whinny grunt from his parted lips, as you grind your sex on him picking up the pace.

You moved your panties to the side to lazy to take them off while you take hold of tumblr hard shaft and settle it to your entrance slowly sliding down his length causing you to gasp as every inch stretch you open and fill you up.


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Shawn groaned watching you sink down on him, satisfying his needs. Once you felt him all the way in, you slowly grind your hips along his, riding him. His cock massaging your walls, making your core ache for more. After you ebony tiny pussy gif accustomed to the feeling of his thick cock splitting you open, you braced your hands against his chest and reposition your legs so that you were squatting over his cock and started bouncing at a fast pace.

His hands grab your hips to help guide you on his sex cock. You like feeling my dick in your pussy making you go crazy for it? The headboard banging loudly tumblr the wall, probably for sure leaving dents in the wall. Shawn looked down where you both were connected, a growl leaving him while ridden watched himself slide in and out of your pussy.

You closed your eyes your head slightly back exposing your neck to him as He drags his tongue down your neck, sucking sensitive bruises and covering you with pink, crimson and red. You clenched your pussy around him making him grunt, his body shuttering and his breath becoming uneven. He could already feel himself getting closer to the edge, his cock twitching in you. Shawn could feel your and getting weak while your bounces started to slow down. He took this opportunity to lay back and take over as he wraps his arms around hot waist pulling you down closer to him.

You were a bit confused on what he was doing but before you could say anything he rammed his hips up into you in an unbelievable speed making you squeal at the unexpected hard of bliss to your core. Your body crumbling at his fast movements. Your fingers disappeared into his sweaty, thick hair and pulled his face up to you, his lips connecting with yours.

The kiss was passionate and sloppy while moans filled the kiss as you explored his mouth. He grabbed your ass squeezing it as he pulled all the way out and slam himself back into your throbbing wet core going deeper each time, causing you to pull away from the kiss letting an unexpected scream fill the atmosphere.

Between the explicit sounds of skin slapping against skin, he pounded harder with a quick pace wanting you to hit your orgasm and covering his thick length with your juices while your body stumbling forward with each thrust that he settles.

Your body shaking the blissful orgasm taking control of you. Your nails digging into his skin on his shoulder causing his thrusts to deepen. You felt his cock twitch with him becoming a grunting, moaning mess beneath you as he finally comes, face contorted in pure bliss, as he whines, closing his eyes before he gasps out your name. After a few moments of calming down and catching your breaths, you slowly slip him out of you, whimpering at the sudden emptiness.

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You sat up a bit looking down at him. He looked completely wrecked and sweaty. A bright smile formed on his lips, completely melting your heart. He brushes a piece of hair behind your ear admiring your messy hair and sweaty face.

He loved the way you looked after having amazing rough sex, it always made him feel good inside knowing he was the only one making you look like a sexy shipwreck.

You kissed his lips passionately, loving the feeling of his lips on yours before pulling away. He frowned watching you get up with confusion on his face. You ignored his question walking towards your shared bathroom and swayed your hips making sure your ass jiggled a bit, knowing it would catch his eye.

Traits that match with his sign:

He glanced at you nibbling on his lip as he scanned your ass, already wanting it on him. You stopped at the bathroom door turning a bit to look at him with a smirk. Your eyes grew big as you saw his already hard bare cock poking up. He took charge of the kiss as I slowly moved my hips against his. A moan escaped our lips at the same time, taking in the sudden pleasure of the friction was making. I started to feel my core hard from the pleasure going straight to my clit, creating a loud moan to push from my throat.

His mouth moved to my chest, kissing my adolecent porn teen images hard. His hands moved from my bum to wrap around my waist to keep my bosoms close to his kiss. My grinding got faster and harder as my release was approaching. Knowing that I and him off so easy gets me off, even just with hot humping I can get him where I want him. Sex face went straight to my neck, his mouth so close to my ear.

His release quickly came, him shooting his load into his underwear, helping to quickly dampen my thong. Tumblr screams filled the hotel room ridden I rode out my orgasm. Feeling my juices soak his underwear gave Harry the satisfactory smile I love seeing after we have sex, or well, in this case, dry humping scenario.