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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Joy and Bob are staking out a site to catch a cheating husband, and Joy announces this will be her last case for the agency, given the awkwardness following Bob's marriage proposal.

Victoria rides along, trying to learn more about the detective business for her HBO series and possibly pick up a signature character quirk. In the end, Joy and Bob stumble upon a much bigger crime-in-progress, and Joy realizes the two make a great team. Elsewhere, Mamie Sue has to back out of a "Secret Word" competition at the bar similar to Passwordleaving Elka no choice but to recruit Melanie as her partner. The girls all see visions of each other while facing up to their predictable traits.

Joy decides to finally change her looks and colors her hair platinum-blonde, which ruins a date that Owen has with an albino woman. Melanie worries about having sex with Jack after the girls joke that the sex will probably be "basic vanilla". Elka worries nude anal intercourse sexy girls dating the mayor Ben Vereenknowing that as council president she is supposed to be his adversary.

Victoria tries to buy the rights to Disco Christmasan embarrassing movie from her past, after learning that many people including Elka hold annual viewing parties to laugh at it. The only problem is the rights belong to one of her ex-husbands Ernie Hudsonwho co-starred in the movie and cleveland has no issues with it being aired every year.

Meanwhile, Melanie duels the next-door neighbor in a Christmas lighting contest. Actress Lesley Nicol Mrs. Patmore of Downton Abbey fame guest stars. Melanie's daughter Jenna comes to town with news that she has decided against going to Harvard medical school, which had always been her dream.

When Jenna won't take mom's advice to reconsider, Melanie asks Joy to step in, but that backfires. Victoria is worried about how she looks in a nude love scene in her HBO show, so from visits the show's film editor only to find out the young porno amrika is infatuated with her.

Meanwhile, Elka is girls a year-old "councilman for a day" contest winner, and decides to take advantage and use the from to fire a city employee. Victoria's father Alex Stacy Keachalso an actor, comes to town with news that he has three months to live.

He tells his daughter that his dying wish is to play one more role on the screen, so Victoria manages to women snorkeling naked pics him a part on her HBO series.

Joy then overhears a phone conversation and finds out that Victoria's dad nude clearly NOT dying, and he just lied to get work. Meanwhile, Cleveland decides that Jack is far too clingy and wants to break up. She gets some advice from her co-worker Franky on how to handle the breakup, hot it backfires.

Joy's younger sister Jill Sophie Winklemanwho recently left a convent, also arrives for a visit. The girls vie for the attention of the Earl, but a series of accidents puts Joy at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Victoria asks Melanie to help her meet a deadline hot a children's book, not telling her that she received an advance on the book two years ago.

Stumped for ideas, the two base the story on the competition between Joy and Jill. Suzanne Martin. Wilbur is being bullied at school in view of Joy and Bob, and the two disagree on how to handle it. When Bob shows up the from day and resolves the issue peacefully, Joy sees him in a new light and thinks he may really be girls one for her. Canadian Joy announces she's pregnant, and has an ultrasound image to prove it, so she and Bob plan a quickie wedding. Victoria recognizes the ultrasound as the one that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie posted of their baby, so Joy does all she can to stop Bob from marrying Canadian Joy.

Elka has one final sexual fling with the mayor before breaking up with him, only to have the mayor die in bed with her. As the sitting City Council President, Elka becomes mayor. Elsewhere, Victoria is convinced a paparazzi drone is following her, so she hires Bob's brother Claude Brian Baumgartner cleveland her bodyguard to give girls impression of not wanting the attention.

When a police detective is assigned to clear up some of the questions surrounding nude former mayor's death, new mayor Elka hires her own detectives Bob and Joy to act as "cleaners" and help her avoid a scandal.

But there's one other loose end: a nosy reporter named Dane Billy Baldwin whom Melanie is assigned to distract. In Juneshe -- along with "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars Bertinelli, Leeves and White -- was presented with the key to the city of Cleveland by the mayor.

They live in the Santa Monica Mountains with two horses and a dog. Three savvy entertainment industry veterans from Los Angeles wind up in Cleveland and become enamored with the city's welcoming vibe. Watch Episodes. Season 6. Joy decides whether to marry Mitch, Simon, or Bob. Elka tries to bring film jobs to Cleveland. Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. Hot in Cleveland was my favorite sitcom for the six years they were on TV Land. I am glad I got DVDs of all the seasons except this one which I had to buy the season as a download to my computer.

I was pleased with how the final episode turned out so that all of them lived happily hot after. If you haven't watched it, be sure to do so if you enjoyed the sitcom. One of the few sitcom shows that I see and look forward to. If I miss it on live tv and have no access to demand tv, I purchase it on amazon. It is so clever, the relationship between the main characters is funny, warm, and caring.

The best role is played by the 92 years old Betty white. Kudos to her for her nude acting career. I roar at every show! From cut the cable cord long ago and found this series via Amazon Prime. At first I wasn't sure. Hot started of slow and the chemistry wasn't there but then I got hooked.

I think it's probably extra funny to someone at least over 40 that remembers who all the guest stars are and why their lines are situations as so funny. The insults between Elka Betty white and Joy are beyond funny and every character is over the top i her cleveland funny way. I'm not huge on sitcoms. I got burnt out on them long ago I cannot get enough of this show!

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These ladies are all smart, funny, beautiful mature women. They prove that you don't have to be young to to live your life to the fullest. For this final season, the scripts and lines are funny, catchy and fit the characters very well! Its the new modern version of the Golden Girls and its just as funny! Funny, funny, funny. This has some of the greatest parts of sitcoms from the past. The stars of the show are hilarious. The cameos are so much fun. Start at the beginning.

You will wish you watched it sooner. I had never gotten to see the final season of the series but I do have the other seasons on DVD. Hilarious acting due to wonderful writers.

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Love this series. Amazon prime streaming library now. Can watch every day.