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Or maybe it's just the fact that I find vampires so much more appealing than werewolves and the two seem to be locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. Regardless, last year I brought you the Pissing tranny porn 5 Sexiest Female Vampiresso it only seemed right this year to bring you the Female 5 Sexiest Female Werewolves, granted their title for no other reason than sheer hotness, regardless of how much their movie or show actually bites.

Any day of the week, Christina. I don't know what it is about Christina Ricci, but something nude her does it for me. Maybe it's the long dark hair except when she's blonde or has short hair, but we won't speak about that.

Maybe it's pics sweet innocent smile coupled with those sultry eyes that seem to always convey, "I may look nice, but you have no idea how naughty I really am. Whatever it is, Christina Ricci is smokin' hot by all accounts. Okay fine, I'm not going to lie, it's actually the fact that she played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family and thus in my mind is the quintessential pigtailed, vampire-like, gothic schoolgirl who is now all grown up. What can I say, I have a weakness for Suicide Girls, so sue me.

Anyway, put Christina Ricci in a movie as a female werewolf and I have to give her a spot in the top five sexiest female werewolves, even if she did betray her vampiric tendencies.

Seriously Christina, you're breaking my heart. Why not just bite the silver bullet and come back to us by starring as a sultry blood sucking vixen in the next vampire movie and we'll just forget about your little werewolf experimental phase. Regardless, Christina, Cursed wasn't a terrible movie as far as werewolf movies go and I would certainly let you tear me werewolves any day of the week.

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Katharine Isabelle as Ginger in Ginger Snaps Oh snap! It's Ginger and she's smokin' hot dampips. When you think about sexy female werewolves you simply can't help but think of Katharine Isabelle from Ginger Snaps.

Whether the movie uses becoming a werewolf as a metaphor for a girl going through puberty or not, one thing is clear and that is that Katharine Isabelle is gushing with sex appeal in this movie. Again, maybe it's the pics suburban goth female outcast thing that does it for me, but let me say this much, any long-haired girl with streaks of an unnatural hair color, who wears a choker necklace, is a sexual force to be reckoned with.

You can quote me on that. Watching Ginger develop from a social misfit into a ravenous seductress is nothing short of simply delicious, even if the movie itself was marginal at best and nude found yourself wishing the entire time that she would just eat her sister if only to make that twat finally shut the fuck up. On a side note, Pics Isabelle recently appeared in the straight-to-video sequel, 30 Days of Plump girls small tits Dark Dayswhere she played vampire food for all intents and purposes.

Personally, I would have liked to see her cross over completely and play a vampire instead of a female victim. However, I did find it interesting that she chose to be in a vampire film after her recurring werewolf roles. Either way, Katharine, I would let you ravage me regardless of what werewolves of the month it was. My, what big lips you have.

Do you know what werewolves get when you combine Anna Paquin nude a self-conscious year-old virgin who dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween in order to lure a man into the woods so she can make him her first conquest? A spot in the top five sexiest female werewolves, that's what. Everything about this scenario is brilliant, from the portrayed innocence of Laurie, to the contrasting promiscuous hot sister and her partying friends, to the character's ironic costume choice, all the way down to the final revelation that Laurie has been the actual predator in the woods the entire time.

The movie itself is a decent compilation of four separate stories woven together and delivered in the enjoyable fashion of the old horror comic book movies, like Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow. Paquin is simply delicious-looking in her Little Red Riding Hood costume, and her sister and the sexy friends, dressed as Cinderella, Little Bo Peep, and Snow White, make them quite a nice little pack of hotties that very few men could resist following into the woods for a party, even if things did end up getting a little hairy from there.

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In addition, all the other arousing women at the party in their slutty costumes makes me want to werewolves out and buy a Three Wolf Moon shirtjust to level the playing field. I want to point out that werewolves Anna Paquin is playing a werewolf in this movie, she then went on to portray Sookie Stackhouse in True Bloodas the quintessential fangbanger. In fact, she enjoyed being a pics so much nude in real life she went on to marry her vampire portraying costar, Stephen Moyer. I think we can all agree where her loyalties lie in the whole werewolf vs.

Nevertheless, Anna, whether in a Little Red Riding Hood costume or not, you can ride me all you want! Exactly one and a half minutes into the first episode of this TV series set in the Pacific Northwest, Mia Kirshner quite literally leaps out of an armoire, jumps female top of Lou Diamond Phillips, pins him down, and begins to have her way with him. Of course, Lou Diamond Phillips then responds like any normal guy would by stopping her and female, "Alright, let me get in the shower.

A woman fucking jumps out of a piece of furniture to attack you sexually, and you want to go take a goddamn shower?! I guess it comes as no surprise that nude show was cancelled after nine episodes. You would have expected Mia to then quickly climb off of the gay man and start putting the guy's obviously well-coordinated and extensive wardrobe back into the armoire that she would have had to empty in order to climb inside.

But no, without missing a beat she looks up at him, from what I can only imagine is a completely flaccid cockand responds, "No, I like you dirty" and proceeds to take her top off and continues with her original plan of being the first woman ever to pics a gay man until he betrays his biology and turns erotic movies 1970 for her.

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As if that wasn't enough for you to decide that Mia Kirshner in this series is milf with big tit as sexy as it gets, in the next scene the gay guy asks her, as she is getting dressed and about to leave, "Where are you going?

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