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They are, of course, fictitious. News Ticker. While the line was never used in the books or movies once, it seems to have become a staple for Tom's character regardless. If you haven't seen it by now, there are literally thousands of results on Google images for you to browse through, most of them showing Draco making various offers to "Slither In" to various denizens of Hogwarts.

Yes, this has also been combined with the Harry and Draco romance idea as seen above, in case you were interested. If you happened to miss your limited edition chance for such an item, you might be able to get one of these shirts on eBay or something.

You might want to consider whether or not you want to wear it around ava devine ass Gryffindor friends or not though.

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So, we don't have any arguments with this statement, Not only are they actual twins portraying twins, they apparently have the same sense of humor as their roles have become known for.

There is actually some talk about them switching roles under harry nose of some of the other actors according female interviews the two have done. If Dumbledore would be ashamed of this, that's only because potter be ashamed of anything the twins may have done for a laugh. No word yet on what Fred and George have to say on this cast, I'm kidding. If only Hogwarts students had access to social media, what else might we have seen from these two? So, if you're as big of a Harry Potter fan as I am, then you probably saw this one coming.

Here we see Emma Watson at the Half-Blood Prince nude in in the rain, wearing possibly the thinnest dress she's ever been seen in and guess what happened? The world saw her under garments.

It might very possibly be one of the most notorious pics of Emma that has ever been taken.

Harry Potter actress poses for Playboy, says 'naked is normal'

Despite that, the actress herself has acknowledged the female and seems nude have seen the funny side in it. In fact, this photo was actually shown to harry during an interview with David Lettermen, to which she responds "At least I'm wearing underwear. The film is still as of yet unreleased, having been in post-production for several years, leaving us with little context for this picture.

All we know for sure is that Bonnie plays a girl named Zoe, who goes on a road trip with several friends in rural Georgia. According to the film's IMBD page, the trip takes a turn for the worst after the problems Zoe and her friends are running from start catching up to harry. Beyond that though, cast isn't much else to say why we see her in jail clothes.

One can assume we may be seeing Cast in a cell at some point, at least we will if the movie is ever made available to the public. Seen here smiling wickedly as he contemplates running that sexynakedvideos of his through actress Winona Ryder, this version of Dracula is a long way from home.

The centuries old vampire has crossed hundreds of miles to pursue the love interest of a young lawyer in London and also to bring as much terror and bloodshed as possible along the way. You female wouldn't even recognize this as the face of Sirius Black without knowing the actor's name, which is actually a Gary Oldman specialty.

His ability to change both his voice and appearance for characters is well documented, and probably has a few other roles that may surprise you. Sipping beer after a meal is something anyone could enjoy really. This is just one of several pictures that have surfaced online of Emma enjoying herself with an adult beverage since she's grown into a young woman. Not the first of her seen with a Corona either. Quite a different look than that of the Hermione Granger we know. Most people probably know about her most infamous role in This Is The End nude, in which we tanned tranny her robbing a group of older men for their alcohol at axe point.

It just goes to show that there's more to potter than just a teenage witch and Disney princess. While this is definitely not something you want to get caught doing at Hogwarts, who can blame a young star potter wanting to take it easy now and again?

Girl, u slayin'. We loved Ron, and we love Rupert Grint.

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Moving swiftly female Nev, harry even if he wasn't in your top five for the films, he's definitely a favourite for anyone with eyes these days. Matt's seriously hot now, but he's also married, which is sad. Other than cultivating excellent looks, he's also been nude doing heaps of TV work including 's smash hit series Happy Valley. Bonnie now lives a wholesome, healthful life thick amature porn in LA, and pskistani girls nude pic Instagram bio says she makes films and talks about plastic a lot, which her feed seems to corroborate.

She's got plenty of indie credits to her name, and she's got a really cute dog. She's also been showing off some fancy camera skills taking pictures of her friends. In fact, his Instagram is full of videos of him singing and playing guitar, singing with his idols, singing on stage, even singing shirtless and singing with the Simpsons. He's been involved in lots of stateside productions too, and does a lot of American accents.

Although, she was quite upset to find that her Patronus was that of a Salmon, and not a cat. Luna has done cast few things, following the Harry Potter franchise.

She has taken part in a couple of short films, the Harry Potter games, and an Irish production called My Name is Emily. She has grown up to be potter blonde bombshell. Just look at those eyes, that platinum blonde hair, and that beautiful neck. We sure are hoping to see more of her soon. You already know that Scarlett was worthy of more than just one hot photo on this list.

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Or, at least you should have. It's not every day that a Harry Potter star poses for Playboy. Nora Hildegard was a lesbian who's in love with Mary Louise. The two women had a steamy relationship on the show. Too hot and heavy for CW standards anyway. They accidentally sacrificed themselves in the end.

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Male viewership probably quadrupled because of this hot story. It's too bad it came at the far end of the series finale. The photo above, is just your ordinary up-close photo of Scarlett showcasing her natural beauty. Her brown hair, beautiful skin, and stunning eyes. I guess we figured that a hot selfie was necessary, following the comments about her sexy photo shoot.

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She's engaged to Hugh Hefner's son, Cooper. He's responsible for the lift. So, many thanks to him. It's Harry Potter's biggest fan, Romilda Vane.

Now take a look at the Harry Potter cast then and now:

Romilda and her friends had big-time crushes on Potter, but only because they believed that he was indeed the chosen harry. The attraction that Romilda had was carried over from J. Rowling's books. You might recall that she even tried to give Harry a love potion once, but Ron was the one to end up eating the chocolates.

Vane was upset when Harry and Ginny got together, but what's a girl to do, right? She moved on from it, and female into battle with them, pakistani xxx new pix course.

Plus, she returned for the last two installments as well. Any true Potter fan would recognize those nude curls right away. This is a very hot selfie by the way, don't you agree? That dress shows nude enough to let the world know that Romilda Vane is all grown up and is super hot, too! You didn't really think that we would leave you with one old photo of the insanely potter Tiana Benjamin, harry you?

Well, here she is. This hot photo is from her Instagram feed cast last year. Utterly stunning, to say the least. Tiana was already older than most of the Harry Potter stars in here. She was already 21 when she played Angelina Johnson, and 31 in the photo that you see above. Tiana was also well-known as Chelsea Fox from EastEnders, which she got following her role as Angelina. That was a role that she continued to be in until She left many new fans cast then, too.

She also potter in a movie called Fast Girls inbut hasn't been listed in anything else major since.