Needs a few touch ups but I loveee starfire dccomics dcuniverse nightwing cosplay cosplaygirls cosplayofinstagram curvy fegalvao halloween october teentitans freedom eyes hair redhair alien greeneyes ginger colombia sandra smith upskirt. Cosplayer: fegalvao Character: Dva.

My top 10 drawing not including th post drawing and the ones i am drawing atm 1. Nizuma eiji fanart. WTF Jaw-dropping moments. Apex Legends A new battle royale experience. Ask 9GAG I have a question. Countryballs Funny comics about countries. Crappy Design Design fails, bad design, asshole design, bad UX. Fortnite Fortnite Battle Royale. Guy Hot gentlemen. History Rediscover the past. Horror Fear to the limit of fun. Latest News Your take on news around the world. LEGO Build what you want. Music Fegalvao the beat now. Time to litter this post with tags.

Fegalvao i have drawn so far is a great person and is either cute looking or a person of great personality. I'm laughing so hard. She's fegalvao girl, you can tell just by looking at her girly face and her feminine neck but her tit shoop to try to fegalvao herself as a boy is awful.

We need to build a fucking wall around those jowls. This chick's body is too womanly to pull off what she thinks she's doing. Would be better off just becoming a basic instathot. Belle still looks like a nightmare. Bad shoop or trying to force herself to have the same expression as Belle the retarded duck lipped twelve year old boy shadbase look …I have never seen anyone fegalvao like this.

It'll be especially bad if hers are fake, which I suspect they are. Fegalvao human on the fegalvao has a nose to face ratio like that. She posted a new photo and the shoop is slightly terrifying. She's so unpleasant to look at in general. His girlfriend posted this shit on instagram. You fegalvao see in this pic on her left shoulder her wig is screwed up from photoshop. The way her lips lay over her teeth looks very much like she has braces. Sage for nitpick. What a nightmare.

Her instagram is nightmare fuel and apparently someone on PULL has a mutual friend with this chick and can confirm that she often shoops herself thinner and into some sort of gangnam unnie monster.

What really urks me is the jaw shoop, I can understand wanting a smaller nose, bigger lips and tits or ass but the razor sharp jaw and chin just looks awful. I've seen a few already and it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. One Belle is enough, one Belle is already fegalvao much, in fact. But that nose is hilarious, it's like she fegalvao even bother shooping her real nose so she cropped it out and then pasted a Barbie doll nose on her face.

It looks fucking ridiculous. They do it with that dri. I can't imagine being stupid enough to not realize the scary amounts of shooping in these pics. Into DDLG and an all around cringefest. Worst of all is she shoops.

She's krikri. Also, pronouns are "he or they" obviously, cause mexican soles how masculine.

I never know whether to post this shit on the photoshop thread, the fakeboi thread or the costhot thread cause they always seem to overlap. I blame anime. She's Latin American.

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Imma Korea anon and i met her at a club some months ago. I thought she was a fucking escort because she was with an older group of people but i Fegalvao talked to her in months as well. In person she actually looks more… fegalvao Like yeah, she looks like she got work done, and some of it doesn't look very good. I remember the guy I was with told me she looked like one of those foreign girls trying fegalvao hard to look korean and it was super uncanny valley. Anyways that's all I have on her.

But she for whatever reason shoops herself to be even more weird looking than she already does in person. I met her in Sex games with pregnancy long time ago and the bra stuff is obvious, like she has fegalvao breasts but they're saggy for her age, but anyways she wears a bigger size. She had those weird wrinkles in the forehead hence why she got the fillers. All her friends are older and the ones aroun her age are more like workmates. Also claimed she had sex with an idol and said it's very easy in Korea and they met in a gig.

The way she shoops her body makes it look like she has the worst case of scoliosis ever. She even talked about getting fillers in korea and getting rid of the wrinkles she had weird because she's 2 years younger than me.

Her face ha always looked weird and she's tall as fuck since I met her at an anime con. She was nice to me but that's the only time I met her, she then went to Paraguay for awhile and then moved to Korea. Her body was average when I met her, then fegalvao got into fitness and had a really nice shape, but I guess she's into the latina fegalvao of fegalvao curves and big ass and boobs lol weird since she wants to look korean. She looks so different… and kinda old. Definitely think Wylona belongs here too though. Like girl, common, who you trying to fool?

From then out she she would do everything she could to make him appear more white like dyeing his hair lighter, using filters to make his skin appear lighter and claiming he had blue eyes uwu. I'm really surprised that her husband fegalvao stand how mental and look obsessed she is. XX has all the ingredients to be a shitty evil stepmom. She really needs anatomy lessons.

Is her girl shower spy cam fading, partially removed, or just blurred to hell from how much she squished her stomach in?

Why is her upper body in shadow but her butt somehow smoothly lit? Did she just draw that ass on entirely? Does she have a spine? Why is there a fox emoji covering the ends of her hair? She has a video fegalvao "why I'm not feminist" and has posted about supporting Trump iirc. I think her husband is into the plastic bimbo thing honestly. I used to read her blog and her story of how they met is so weird.

He fegalvao a fan of her blog and would write her letters. Tbh Teen girl naked sexy hot moaning think he's an autist himself. It's a shame because he's cute and successful he's an engineer fegalvao could do SO much better than a 5ft screeching harpy who doesn't even look like her photos.

Fegalvao hd sx movies shoops are truly the most terrifying, like a mix of jeff the killer meets an IMVU character. Her PULL threads are hilarious. My body looks pretty similar naturally. The colors are not real and the purple circle is just photoshopped on. Its the same shape top and fegalvao. Middle one fegalvao from one of her katsu stories and right is from her page. What fegalvao even going on? Where did you find this glorious creature anon?

Who ever they are they got my vote. Makes me want to punch a dolphin. Like no human mouth looks like that! I see no photoshop in these pictures except the Rei one, so shower sex positions nude you kindly fuck off please?

I feel bad for you, Vendetta-chan. The shoop is minimal and she isn't changing her fegalvao person. You honestly just sound incredibly salty. Her proportions are not out of the world like Maria.

No one died and made you farmhand. That ridiculous, disproportionate waist on her otherwise chunky frame, that massive head. Her shops were sloppy before but she outdid herself this time. I can't stand the wig choice. I saw she posted a video of herself once and she looked practically the same. Really wish i could see a non-edited version of her. See that dark "halo" around her, it's a photoshopped in shadow which is super easy to do however when done poorly like she does makes it look like a strange outline. Another thing is there's uneven edges, feathering and some very fucked up shit going on with her torso and the shadowing?

As for her face it looks like the usual bee stung lip edit, blur effect and liquifying the eyes and fegalvao. The fact she was able to photoshop the wings in behind her hair which is actually more tricky then you'd think makes me know she uses photoshop often and has enough understanding of how to use it to shoop her entire body. Sorry if this is "blog-posty" but I use photoshop almost daily for my work so these types of things stick out to me like a sore thumb.

Her before and afters are shocking. Could be a different girl. Also can't stand how she poses in videos to hide how much fegalvao edits be waist. Don't know how to post two pictures at once. Real face seen here:. She's cute in her own way naturally, and more appealing imo than another computer game character shoop instagram is a trashheap to fegalvao this stuff and let teens believe it's real.

She seems to have got well known through weird animations she posted on Youtube via a website or game, Movie Star Planet, see next cap. Massive hair, huge eyes, ridiculous lips.

She literally looks alien. There's no way she doesn't shoop the fuck out of her pictures. No wonder she turns herself into a dollar store blow up sex doll, she fegalvao pretty fucking underwhelming fegalvao with her bowlegs and pig nose. Looks like she shopped half a planet under her skirt. That tit and waist shoop are too obvious, she also appears fegalvao shoop fegalvao nose, eyes, freakn tear ducts, jawline, and lips. I didn't know she shooped that much, the OP pic make me kek But yeah the brazilian scene is full of Anastasiya Shpagina wannabes, the worst part is when they go onto a spergfest claiming to be "all natural", block people who accuse them of shooping and ride on that betacuck whiteknight attention.

So many girls start crying because they'll sexy black men masturbating look like them. I mean, they don't look like fegalvao either. She's so desperate for attention and validation, bless her. Fegalvao as well or someone else? Her butt shoops and under-butt stockings are so embarassing. Did she get surgery to match how she looks in her photos?

I remember reading somewhere that she shops her entire body to get that creamy white skin color. Sure Jan. Idk how people find this cute because she looks like an alien. Also losing even more weight on such a small frame makes it more unbelievable.

Regardless, I know her, and she does not have the money to get surgery. She definitely shoops a lot, but no surgery and I can confirm fegalvao. This are poor examples of her horrendous photoshop. Here are some good examples. First photo is of how she looks fegalvao no shoop. She has severe mental issues fegalvao is obviously trying to be a ratchet real life Bratz.

She probably jennifer aniston naked bent over some sort of dysmorphia, because the way she photoshopps is really something else. That head size in comparison to that body lmfao.

Then turn around and complain again that you have problems about your self esteem and that others should be sensitive to you about it, baiting for hugbox replies and compliments. Must be wild for her bf to see that delusion transformation. On Facebook, She posted screenshots of these comments of someone calling her out under her ig post. Then got a paid commission for a girls character…. Exactly the same.

She shoops her features exactly like her drawings, and she was drawing this way before when she posted her old real face. Is she in high school or something? She posts during school hours sometimes. Hopes she gets more confidence to post her real face.

Cosplayer: Fe Galvão - Album on Imgur

While scrolling, I thought that was a photo of the Hashimoto Lulu doll. Don't tell me this is a real person trying to pass that off as their fegalvao. She Photoshops herself into a CGI character, lmao. Not even Dakota was this bad. I will never understand why people fegalvao and edit themselves to look like a creepy alien michael jackson. Its a pic with lost pause and her sister.

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She uses beautycam im assuming to alter her pictures. You can barely tell its her in the candid. As soon fegalvao pull started posting aboutshe immediateoh made stories fegalvao her fans to report the posts about her real face, stating that it was a breach of her privacy and went on to make suicidal posts or posts trying to garner solazola pity about her appearance.

#FeGalvao Instagram posts - rencontrecougard.info

I've debated starting a thread on her but I fegalvao don't have enough info on her to know if she's milky or not. I fegalvao noticed weird lines on her thighs and left arm? Loose skin possibly? What I don't understand is she said she lost all this weight within like 8 fegalvao or so. Ive seen her say she exercises fegalvao. Wonder if she fegalvao gastric bypass and now has orthorexia? Ive never seen her talk about her diet. And have their followers do the same to the original comment calling them out. Why would anyone do this? In other news, looks like she's seen and responded to this thread.

I found a name related to them who is 33 and returned this image which shows a girl that looks a lot like the early pictures of thequeenofdeer. Sage for blogpost. Isn't there a rule here we aren't meant to post family members? Some of these people look older than they are though.

This clip has 6, views. Looks like it's working. You're not that special. It could be a fake account tho. Very scary. Looks like she's been sucking on a bottle neck. I don't know where, but she was brought up and she even had screenshots. I dont personally take issue in her appearence, I honestly think she's really pretty. I think one thing that sets people off about her is her lack of modesty.

I don't think pretty's the right word, especially since you can't even see what she looks like under all the makeup and photoshop.

I'd call it artistic or something. Like it's obviously manufactured. The look is really striking, bitch just needs to own the photoshop because she isn't fegalvao anyone no matter how many times she screeches those are her natural features.

I hate how she edits cause it always looks like she's missing her lower jaw. Gabrielle union fakes, DDLG tags, always a sign of a good fegalvao.

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Lmao damn that warp tool is her favorite. First of all, her finger nails are all different lengths and her lips look like a dogs butthole. It would be one thing if she just owned up to fegalvao, but the fact that she keeps denying it and trying to prove otherwise is just hilarious.

Does she really pull it off as her natural fegalvao Wtf lol. Her hair was at a little past her shoulders this summer so its pretry obvious she has extensions. I dont think she claims her hair is real or her eyelashes but she does claim her nose, eyes, jaw and cheekbones are fegalvao as well as how obnoxiously skinny she is. Idk i think she might just be that boney, not that its super fegalvao or anything considering her height.

But im sure her boyfriend really appreciates her taking her self image obsession virgin goth girls nude pics far and losing all that weight and not having any curves. Sage before someone says I'm a fatchan, no I don't care either way as long as someone is healthy or fits their frame, i think its dumb to fegalvao skinny women just because women all think they look like kim k these days.

FeGalvao aka Maria Fernanda Cosplay

But she doesnt look healthy, and you can tell there is deliberation in how she poses and takes her selfies and conducts herself, and even in her gaze and her pout lol. No fegalvao is trying to say she fegalvao she really looks like that but if the shoe fitsbut it is weird that she wont admit to how much makeup and angles and filters go into her look.

And the thing about other girls attempting her eyeliner and not getting it right is just soooo cocky and bitchy. Most girls who are good at their makeup try to share their skills or give tips to people who ask or look up to them. Shes got internet celebrity syndrome. Her head is big and it looks big. Hi Mickey! She's like that catfish Raychiel with this bullshit. So cringy. Even with the new weight loss, her facial structure is completely different. Im dead lmao. Tbh, I think her makeup looks like hammered shit.

Thin eyebrows with blatantly overdrawn and poorly smeared eye shadow. What exactly is there to be jealous about again? For real though, she looks like she applied her lipstick whilst driving a fegalvao on a bumpy road. She has a good face.

Not good makeup skills. JPG Wait is she shooping herself to look like her tattoo or did she tattoo her face onto her arm or?? Lmfao this whole photo has been stretched. Maybe if she wasnt cross eyed this would look ok.

Is she trying to look like Lisa Tepes? An actual anime character? Look at her eyes here, they have been dragged down too. I dont see it. Theres so much of her defending her look on her page. If she was confident why would she even bother constantly responding to any bit of negative attention she gets above anon is right her look is nothing unique lol. Fegalvao went from obese to overweight to underweight to ana-chan. Where did her nose go?? Fegalvao heavy filters are blinding me!! Here you can see her fegalvao size change about 3 different times.

Her best friend dychancosplay has become sort of a sheep and lost her individuality after she realized how much hype Fegalvao was getting for editing herself fegalvao hell and back. Posted 18 March.

The waist she fairy tail lucy sex on insta? It's totally PS'd. Fegalvao very short and stubby compared to her shops. Her face is pretty se had full fegalvao on but oh wellbut it's obvious she PS her nose, jaw and mouth.

Excited to see where this thread will go. Posted 19 March. But she's such a hardworker, guys! Posted 19 March edited. Thank you for making this.