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After a few months, both my wife and I started to open up to each other, shared better communication and made each other feel truly special. Never did we expect that at this juncture, life would take another turn, but for the better.

Guess what? I was overjoyed and nervous at the same time, but trust me, that moment was when it became real. Once again, it was time to witness another milestone in our relationship.

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As opposed to previous situations, we did all we could to prepare ourselves - right from attending Lamaze classes, stocking up on every baby book there was in the market to being there for each other through this special phase of our lives. I tried my best to ease her discomfort as much as I could.

Our relationship had a unique sparkle and strength, just like a one-of-a-kind natural diamond. Through those sleepless nights when she suffered nausea, back ache and several other issues every single day, she remained calm and endured it all with a smile. Xxx black ass com might be strong physically or rather appear tumblr be, but women have immense emotional and mental strength that is unmatched.

Isha displayed resilience and strength of character and won me over every single time. No wonder God chose women to bring another life into this couple. Here, I was struggling to slip into this new role and my wife was cruising through this journey, and how.

It felt she naturally exhibitionist into this role and boy, my respect just multiplied.

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Marvelling at how she dealt with this phase so deftly, I knew I wanted to gift her something that would perfectly epitomize her celebrityuncensored strength, her ability to withstand immense pressure yet shine bright, and also mark this turning point in our journey together.

Fast forward to the day when Kiara came into our lives and not just changed us as people but also our relationship. My wonder woman, who had gifted me a miracle, transformed me not once but twice, without me even realising how and when this happened. She was rock-solid through it all, just like a natural diamond - calm, composed, brilliant, with an unmatched inner radiance. There was so much I had to learn from her.

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After all, a real diamond is a miracle of nature and truly priceless, just like Isha and Kiara are invaluable to me. In life there are only a few moments that are as rare, real and precious as this one, and only a rare, precious and unique natural diamond can best embody this experience. Indian Couple Nude Tumblr. Interracial Nude Couples Tumblr. Nude Couples Shower Tumblr. Erotic Nude Couples Tumblr.


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