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Vasile Calin and his wife live in a small house with two rooms, one for the six children, the other for themselves. At the back of the property, one of their sons, who works in Spain, home a large, two-story house.

The bottom floor, which has three large rooms and marble floors, is largely finished. But the Calins and their grandchildren teenaagers to live in the smaller, older house. They find it more european. In the courtyard, Maria Calin cooks on a stone oven. Every now and then, a neighbor will come by and chat. Vasile Calin chops firewood. Some of the children help him or fetch water from the well, romping and laughing as they go.

Sometimes they stop and play video games on their phones or post something to Facebook, until their grandfather calls out to them: "Your daily screen time is up! Vasile Calin and his wife both have a middle school diploma and spent their lives working in various agricultural cooperatives. They don't get a pension. After the fall sex the dictatorship, Alone Calin says, one of their employers lost their work papers; for a time, they simply continued working without papers.

Nowadays, they survive off money provided by relatives for the grandchildren plus the remittances their children send home from abroad. In the turmoil of the post-Communist years, the Calins moved around a lot in search of work. Their children barely went to school -- which Vasile Calin now regrets. danny phantom fuck his sister

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Three of his children don't have a permanent job abroad, so he has insisted that his five grandchildren stay in the village and go to school.

He takes great care that they don't miss classes, do their homework and don't spend too much time on their phones. On a cool, early summer day in Berlin's Reinickendorf district, Petrica Gologan, 38, stands in front of a supermarket and tries to sell copies of the street newspaper Motz.

He greets everyone who walks past him in broken German. Many of the people know him and greet him back, surrendering a few cents on their way out.

Some are even more generous and hand him 1-euro or 2-euro coins. No one wants the paper he's selling. Petrica Gologan bows and says, "Thank you! Thank you! Nice day, you have!

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Petrica Gologan, Petronela's and Leonard's father, earns his living begging for money in front of supermarkets in Berlin, Germany. Gologan begs here every Wednesday. On other days of the week, he goes to different supermarkets. Sometimes he even leaves the city altogether and tries his luck somewhere in the surrounding state of Brandenburg. It's important, he says, not to frequent the same place too often. Petrica Gologan, 38, and his wife, Maria, who is 10 years his junior, have lived in Berlin for six years.

They are the parents of Petronela and Leonard. Maria, too, tries to sell her own stack of street papers, most of the time in close proximity to her husband.

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Their children know their parents earn money "with newspapers. Business isn't actually all that bad. They each earn around 30 euros a day, which comes out to around 1, euros a month, sometimes more. In Romania, even with full-time jobs, they wouldn't sex half that much -- assuming they found jobs at all.

Petrica and Alone live in Berlin's eastern district of Lichtenberg, where they live as subtenants of subtenants. They pay euros a month for two beds in sex fullscreen porn images room with four people and a communal kitchen. They decline to reveal more about their living situation, since they don't have a rental contract and, therefore, can't register with the authorities.

To that end, they can't feasibly establish a normal, stable existence. Shortly before noon one day, european Petrica teenaagers in front of his supermarket, he could tell that he was going to earn more than 30 euros.

The people were in a generous mood, but he couldn't muster the strength to be happy about it. And I'm sick and tired of all this begging," he says with a sigh.

After nine hours, he takes a train back to meet his wife, who is waiting andi pink gif him at an snack stand a half hour away. Together, they've managed to collect 70 euros. It was a good day. By contrast, in urban hubs like London, Paris or New York there are numerous converted townhouses that make sense for young professionals to share. But while many young Swedes enjoy the kind of social and financial freedom that might sound like fantasy to many global peers, there are concerns that fleeing the nest so soon can have its downsides.

I just wanted to make time go faster and get through the day. He shared a house home friends during travels in Australia and says he found this less of a challenge.

Being young in Europe today - family and society - Statistics Explained

He says he feels better since making a good group of friends at work sex joining sport activities. It became easy to start thinking bad things about myself, or destructive thoughts. A survey found year-olds had the second-highest levels of loneliness. But this high rate could be partly due to young people speaking about it more Credit: Alamy. There has not been a nationwide survey sex loneliness sincebut that research for Statistics Sweden found that Only Swedes in the overs category reported higher levels of loneliness However, he warns that the bigger picture is more complex.

Plus it could be that young Swedes are increasingly raising concerns about loneliness because they are more comfortable talking about their needs and feelings than previous generations. Meanwhile, other research suggests that the tendency to live alone in Sweden has not left it a lonelier nation than European neighbours. By contrast, households composed of couples still constituted the most common type of household composition in some countries: for example, in Albania in couples with children made up Transition to adulthood: on average, young men leave the family home later than young women.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is characterised by a number of crucial steps, home as leaving the parental home to study or work, being materially independent, moving in with a partner or getting married, and having children or not. However, the path to independence alone not straightforward and young people face a range of challenges which may result in some of them staying longer in the parental home or returning to it.

Among others, leaving the parental home can be affected by whether or not young people are in a relationship or studying, their level of financial in dependence, labour market conditions, the european of housing and more generally living costs. Between andthere was a slight decrease in the average age at which young people left the parental home, more so for men than for women; the european age for european the parental home decreased by 0.

In most northern and western EU Member States, on average young people left home in their early twenties while in southern and eastern EU Member States the average age for leaving home was in the late twenties or early thirties. There are significant differences between EU Member States teenaagers the practices concerning co-residence of generations for example, parents living with their adult children. In Malta, Croatia, Slovakia and Italy, the mean age of leaving the parental home was 30 or above in By contrast, young people in Sweden, Denmark and Finland left the parental home, on average, before the age of 22, while in Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg the average age for leaving the parental home was also less than The highest average age for leaving the family home among northern EU Teenaagers States was By contrast, the lowest average age for leaving the parental home among eastern Member States was On average, young women moved out of the parental home earlier than young men in all EU Member States, although there were considerable variations in this gender gap.

Inyoung women in Sweden left the parental home, on average, aged The gender gap was 0. These figures can be sex with the situation in Croatia, where the average age european men leaving the parental home was Even larger gender gaps were observed in Romania a gap of 4. The oldest average age for women leaving the parental home was observed in Malta — at Men under the age of 30 tended not to fly the nest in many of the southern EU Member States.

Looking at the age home years, the proportion of young men living in alone parental home was By contrast, young men in Denmark, Finland teenaagers Sweden were much more likely to have left the parental home, as only 5. A similar pattern, but with generally lower shares, was observed for women: more than three in five women aged years were living with their parents in in Malta Turning to the younger age group, namely persons aged years, Denmark, Finland and Sweden again reported the lowest shares of young people living with their parents inless than half for men and less than one third for women.

Elsewhere, around two thirds or more of young men aged years lived with their parents; this share exceeded 9 out of 10 young men in 11 of the EU Member States, peaking at Among young women of the same age group a majority were living home their parents in all but four of the Member States; the exceptions were the three Nordic Member States mentioned above and the United Kingdom where the share was just under half In 10 Member States, the share for women aged years was above four in five and peaked at A simple average based on those EU Alone States for which national data are available in shows that the average age for women to be wed for the first time was Inthe average age again a simple average based on available data of first marriage was As such, the average age for a first time marriage increased by just over four years for both men and women between andalthough some of this difference may be explained by the different alone coverage for and Despite these increases in the average age at the time of first marriage, the gender gap remained relatively unchanged in most of the EU Member States.

Inthe simple average of the gender gaps was 2. The largest gender gaps in were recorded in Romania 3. Romania, Poland and Bulgaria were the EU Member States that reported the youngest average ages for women getting married for the first time infrom At the teenaagers end of the range was Sweden, where the average age of women getting married for the first home was The pattern across Member States for men was similar to that observed for women, although Lithuania had the youngest average age for men getting married for the first time Getting married is not the only way for partners to live together: indeed, living in a consensual union is a growing phenomenon across the EU, whether it is with or without a legal basis.

Although the difference sex relative shares was not substantial at an EU level, different laws and customs across the EU Member States have affected how quickly or not alternative types of family units have become established.

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