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You worked your way down to my belly and darted your tongue in and out of my navel, pausing just a second to tell me that you just had to eat me.

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I eased your head down lower and raised my legs at the knees so you could have full access. With that you positioned your head between my thighs and I could feel your breath drawing realm royale porn. All at once your tongue was lapping at my slit.

That felt so good, I could almost come, but I wanted to pace myself. You were licking and sucking so wonderfully. You took my clit between your fingers and tumblr so gently sucked it in your mouth like a tiny cock. Then you moved your tongue back a bit to probe my vagina.

In your tongue went as your hand covered and massaged the upper, clitoral area. God, you know just what to erotica to me. No wonder I keep coming back for more! Then you got your hands under my ass and flipped me over.

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I spread my legs and angled myself with my knees digging into the bed, and my ass high and spread in front of you. You knelt behind me and started licking me from as far forward as you could, almost flicking at my clit from behind.

Then in long passionate sweeps of your tongue you pleasured my spread cheeks, before approaching my erotica entrance. You made a few circles with your tongue as your fingers teased my asshole. You tumblr how much I loved this, because I was shaking and grinding my ass hard from side to side.

I was so hot now, you could have done anything to me, but all I wanted was that hard, long tongue of yours in my anus. You teased me a while longer, licking and letting me feel your tongue back tumblr, when finally I felt your hands spread me out even porno hint, totally exposing my most private place.

At last, your tongue was at my palace door! Erotica god, that almost made me come, almost made me lose control. As your hands held my cheeks apart, your tongue plunged its way deep into my ass.

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Once it was inside, you wiggled it and made it vibrate, driving me wild. I started rearing back into your face in a wild and heaving motion. You just kept holding my ass, and fucking my hole with erotica tongue. Every time your tongue came out, I felt it thrust back in, with greater force. Over and over, your tongue plunged into me and fucked me and licked me. You knew I had almost reached my limit, so you reached your hands around me and started to rub and massage my clit, as you continued tumblr lick and suck and plunge your tongue in my ass.

Bucking and heaving and thrusting like mad, I let go of all control and began to come. Your tongue never stopped licking my ass as your hands worked their magic on my pussy and clit. After a while I relaxed and collapsed onto the bed. I turned over and we embraced and kissed. We lay quietly for a while, but with us it never lasts too long.

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We soon started touching each other. I leaned over and started kissing you, moving slowly down your neck and chest, licked your nipples and worked my way down. You were looking at me smiling, watching me as I went down on you. I tried to tumblr my eyes on erotica because I know you like that. I moved all the way down and was now face to face with your gorgeous manhood! I took your hard cock in my hands and kissed the sculpted tip.

I kneaded you in the palms of my hands, and as I held you I rubbed the tip against my tongue. I started licking at the tip, and then the ridge, and then flattened my tongue and rested it on the underside of the head of your cock. You tried to grind against my tongue just sitting there.

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Just me? You go on an incredible first date, or you meet a hot stranger at a party, or you reconnect with an ex. Everything is moving so fast. We eat fast food, wear fast fashion and tumblr our shopping to show up on our doorstep in less than erotica ninel conde posing nude. We take Uber. The party was a graduation party for one of my ex-girlfriends named Shannon, we had remained friends but once I got to the party I realized I was only invited so tumblr could make me jealous.

I work part time in a shop and I am an aspiring model. I had just finished playing my first game of the new baseball season. I was 16 years and 3 weeks old to the day. I played second base on my AAA team. Each inning as I ran back to the dugout from second I kept catching this cute girl checking me out. After the game the coach was giving us the usual post-game pep talk. I had pretty much tuned him out because this girl was now behind our dugout looking at me.

When the coach was done I collected my gear and approached the girl. Home All the stories Ask me erotica Submit your story. Erotic Stories Are you satisfied? Who can tell Trip to Lisbon. Short story It was during one of my summer breaks when I had the opportunity to visit Lisbon with my parents. Read More Peeper Gets It. Peeper gets it threesome blowjob anal cumshot sex sex story erotic story teen sex virgin. Late Night Shift.

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