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If princaples persist, talk to your health professional. Greater agilityreferring to the ease with which an application may be altered to accommodate future changes in business requirements. In part this arises from the reduction in the number of developed layers that must be kept in synchronisation. However the claim is also made that the enforced correspondence between the user presentation and the domain model, forces higher-quality object modellingwhich in turn improves the agility.

A more empowering style of user interface. This benefit is really attributable to the resulting object-oriented user interface OOUIrather than to naked objects per se, although the argument is closer that naked objects makes it much easier hot black women with big tits conceive and to implement an OOUI.

Easier requirements analysis. The argument here is that with the naked objects pattern, the domain objects form a naked language between users and developers and that this common language facilitates the process of discussing requirements - because there are no other representations to discuss.

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Combined with the faster development cycle, it becomes possible to prototype functional applications in real time. The validity of aiming to encapsulate all business logic onto the domain objects. Arguments both for and against this idea may be found within the research literature for object-oriented programming and domain-driven design. The applicability of object-oriented user interfaces.

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