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There was Campari in it. People are throwing these Mad Men — themed parties because, I think, it's an excuse to get dressed up and drink and smoke. CH: Oh, yeah, they're all the authentic girdles, and we wear the longline bras, with boning. CH: It's like what's in a corset — it has these long strips of plastic or metal that keep everything [ pauses ], you know. Oh, yeah — it's super comfortable.

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And then the authentic stockings, with the garters, and then a slip and then our dress. From my girdle and my garters last night, I have two bruises on the top of my legs. From being in it for seventeen hours. Women did that.

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ESQ: Why do you think you got the part of the bossy secretary? CH: Matt Weiner, the creator, had thought of Joan as pinched and tightly wound, but she's more of a sort of sexual character. I just went in and did the character as I had read her, which was bossy, brassy, everyone-listen-to-me. And then when wardrobe got involved, doing the pilot, I put on this dress, and all of the sudden I had a different walk than I normally had, and Matt turned to me and said, "That's Joan.

I look like an Amazon.

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real pic katy perry fully naked ESQ: But you seem to embrace the fact that you're not this little waify nothing. CH: Pics is the way I'm built, and I feel beautiful. It's funny, because I don't feel like I look that different from anybody. Everyone's always like, "You're so much smaller in person!

She always wanted to become an actress and got famous around the world. Christina Ass begins acting when she when she pursue her studies in school and started modeling when she was just 18 years old.

When she studies in high school one of her friend suggest her to participate in a modeling competition and to try her luck christina become the cover of seventeen magazine. When she turn to 18 Christina comes to New York to continue her modeling career and finally she got her first chance for acting in a Tv series undressed in AustinRulzJan 1, Date Posted: Jan 1, 6.

Date Posted: Jan 1, 7. Date Posted: Jan 1, 8. CounterJan 1, Date Posted: Jan 1, 9. Date Posted: Jan 1, This was a srs question bros. I always see her boobs but no hendricks. She has nice, wide hips but I think her ass kinda not really there. It's like a big, pseudo-flatbutt or some sort. AssassinAltairJan 1, Xavier-SexyJan 1,