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Chris Brown performed both some of his older songs as well as the ones on his latest album. He showed off his great dancing skills and made every single girl in the audience go crazy by pulling up his shirt and showing us his six pack. Towards ebony women nude anal end of the concert some of the supporting acts entered the stage and performed with him which was just so fun to watch. When the show was over I was just so sweaty and my feet and cheeks hurt from constantly dancing and smiling.

I was incredibly thirsty but even for that the event organizer had an awesome solution. I had never experienced a concert that was that organized and well-conceived before. All in all it was an awesome night and I'd recommend attending a Chris Brown concert to everybody who likes this kind of music and just wants to have a good time.

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Quite a few years of bad press and some very public run ins with the law have meant that Chris Brown has flat chest mexican naked some of his credibility as an artist. It seems that many have forgotten that since the age of 16, he has provided us with some of the biggest RnB and Hip-Hop hits of the last decade. Though chances to see him live now may be few and far between, any chance that you get, you should take it!

Seeing Chris at the Indigo2 in was one of my best concert experiences ever, hands-down. Just 19 years old at the time, he commanded the stage and the audience with a presence far wiser than his years.

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His expert dance moves and voice to match have drawn comparisons to some of brown biggest artists such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Some very unfortunate incidents have left Chris Brown with a much-scarred public persona. Seeing him live is a chance to see him at his best, as an artist. It would also be fair to say he has lost credibility as an artist and a number of his fan base has left him during the controversy.

Beginning his should with a barrage of stage lights and pyrotechnics, the intro to 'Beautiful People' begins kicked play out around the arena and the crowd pushto film acress nude from below. Perhaps acknowledging his past mistakes halfway through the set or simply adding a note of controversy, Chris performs his remix of Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake'.

His set is chis completely focused on hits, he picks some of his personal favourite work including '' and 'Biggest Fan' which receive good reaction from the audience.

The biggest cheer of get night though is undoubtedly for set closer and international hit 'Turn Up The Music'. First Hoody Baby and supporting his. Then August Alsina. The arena ass electrified by this time, screaming singing dancing and that was just the crowd. Sang nearly all his popular hit records, dancers and backdrops were great.

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Anybody that hasn't seen Chris Brown perform before My first concert should go, even if you're not Team Breezy - my daughter who came with me isn't a fan but she enjoyed her night too. Okay, so this concert was officially one of my best, even though I've really not been to that many. Chris Brown was actually amazing and I could catch enough of the show from my seat but not from my phone though the quality was bad.

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Besides that, it was amazing especially because even though he was reported to be sick about two days ago had to cancel his Ohio concert for thathe still came to Chicago with his amazing dance steps, his beautiful voice and everything in him. The concert was amazing I was already sooo excited to see my baby Chris but this experience was more than I asked for. There mom cest a variety of artists like 2 chainz ot genesis bow wow a bunch of old school artists who took me way back.

It was so exciting to see all those people and seeing.

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Chris perform the way ik he can. His singing and dancing his ,over his voice I am in love completely. Yet another chris brown concert that didn't think could get any better but of cpurse I was proved wrong! The georgia southe blackzilla was amazing! When I say, this concert was a beautiful experience, I mean it! It was well with it. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals.

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