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Eviless steals Wonder Woman's lasso and kidnaps Hippolyta. Giganta joins with the Atlantean Queen Clea to cause trouble. Giganta is not seen again in the comics untilin Wonder Woman volume 1in which her origin is revamped to include another member of Wonder Woman's rogues' gallery, Doctor Psycho.

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This appearance also premiered a short-lived update to her look, giving her waist-length blond hair and an even larger physical stature. The contemporary version of the character is the alter-ego of Dr. Doris Zeul, [3] who suffers from a fatal blood disease.

She captures Wonder Woman and plans to put her "life-essence" into Wonder Woman's body using an experimental machine.

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Interrupted by Wonder Girl halfway through the experiment she gif up with her consciousness in a test animal gorilla named Giganta. Desperate to return her mind to a human body, Zeul the gorilla abducts a comatose circus strongwoman named Olga with size-changing abilities [4] through unknown means though Olga was comatose due to a mysterious shaman and uses the machine to successfully transfer her mind into that body, keeping the villain name "Giganta". Following her transformation, Giganta allies herself with Queen Clea and the modern gif of Villainy Inc.

As part of the Society, she takes part in the " Battle of Metropolis ", a confrontation with multiple heroes, including Elasti-Girl woman and bear xxx, the cosplay member of the Doom Patrol.

The Society ultimately loses this battle. When Diana Prince noted that Giganta's intellect reduces as she grows in size, [8] compelling the villain to become less rational and more prone to violence, she was corrected by her cosplay in the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

They implied that Giganta has overcome that limitation and retains her full intelligence at any size. Giganta, along with The Cheetah and Doctor Psycho, engage in a battle with Donna Troy who has assumed the identity of Wonder Woman one year after the events of Infinite Crisisas part of a search for, as they term it, the "real" Catwoman Woman Diana of Themyscira.

Giganta and her allies also battle Herculeswith the giantess being felled by the catwoman champion.

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Now free of M'Nagalah's control, a seemingly repentant Dr. Zeul retains her position at Ivy University and has approached Ryan for a second chance, despite the bizarre circumstances of their first meeting. Before their second date, the Cosplay is approached by Wonder Woman on behalf krystal porn game the Department of Metahuman Affairs catwoman asked to wear a wire on his date with Dr.

After professing her desire to reform, she is informed that Ryan is wearing a wire and tears off the roof of the restaurant to see Wonder Woman and Ryan talking cosplay unaware that Ryan had removed the wire. A fight between Wonder Woman and Giganta ensues. Wonder Woman quickly knocks Giganta out but Ryan intervenes to stop Wonder Woman gif beating her further, after admitting she had lost her temper - they realize that Dr.

Zeul has disappeared. Giganta is a member of the new Injustice League [14] and she is one of the villains featured in the Salvation Run. Giganta is also a member of Libra 's Secret Society of Super Villainsduring the Final Crisis and is shown as a thrall of Darkseid alongside several other super-powered women.

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