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Atimist User Page Gallery Journals. Very cute! Man where have you been, we need to catch up it's been too long Beso! Haha we do, but I feel like we keep having this conversation.

Size Matters 2 - Page 13

I do need to try and be online more. Where can I find you Hell at this point I'll even take FA Notes :p. Skype mostly, but notes on Inkbunny or SoFurry work. Cadc User Page Gallery Journals.

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See now I have this image of Des and Chani playfighting in the mud. Dovahkiin User Page Gallery Journals. Marquis User Page Gallery Journals. The warm mineral mud in that area would make a nice mud bath.

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Razie User Page Gallery Journals. Oh I am not sure I want Desmond to realize what she meant, or not. Cause either way it will be cute and adorable. Xi-entaj 6 years ago 0.

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Desmond's expression at the end is great :. Also, love the eastern dragon whiskers. KairoTheDragon 6 years ago 0. Rhysion 6 years ago 0.

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A big tail, and for poking with no less? ZerUaEno 4 years ago 0. I hope those are Dez's whiskers. Tempest of Reach 4 years ago 0.

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Zenion Infinitium 3 years ago 0. This style is very beautiful, and I see whiskers ahead. StarRunner01 3 years ago 0. Support Tickets User search Character search.