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You reek of sweat. Drago hopped off to Dan's room while the Battle Brawler leader went to his bathroom. His dad's job had earned them so much money, they were able to afford a hot tub. He took off his clothes, turned on the jets, and got in the hot tub.

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He sighed as the jets blew against him. Dan jumped in surprise at this, and wondered what just touched superstar shemale. He soon saw his girlfriend, Runo.

The three naked girls stood up, and Dan gasped in shock at them. Unfortunately, this was all too much for him to take in at once, and his brain shut down.


He collapsed onto the floor, which freaked out the girls. They quickly picked him up and took him to his room. Drago got the hint, and left the four of them alone.

Dan groaned as he woke up to the amazing feeling of something wet and slimy around his cock. He slowly opened one eye, and saw Runo giving him a blowjob. Before he could question her, he felt himself reach orgasm, releasing his seed down her throat, which she took in eagerly.

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Before Dan could answer her, she positioned herself over him, and slammed her hips down on his pelvis. They had done this a whole bunch of times, so she felt no pain from doing this. She started riding while Dan groaned in pleasure. Dan did as the Vestal told him, latching onto her nipple. As he sucked, he felt something swish around in his mouth.

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He pulled his mouth off, and saw milk leaking out. Before he could comment on that, his groans of pleasure intensified when he felt a tongue and fingers caress his balls. Once brief glance confirmed it was Fabia.

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She was quite good. Dan soon resumed his suckling of Mira's lactating tits. Runo felt him grow inside of her, and they soon came in unison. R canthold passed out, and the girls cuddled up to him, and their Bakugan came in to pull the covers over them. This entry was posted in Bakugan Hentai Pictures and tagged bakugan battle brawlers hentaibakugan e hentai galleriesbakugan gundalian invaders pussy hentaibakugan julie pornbakugan xxx hentiaRoronoa Zoro.

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Runo sighed, just now getting why she was being ignored. Age: If you are looking for someone special, then all you have to do is call me! I am definitely not typical girl! I am the rare combination of brains and beauty!

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Innocent yet sexy! Walton Gary and Hugh Rockoff. Elisha 2 days ago I messaged you the name bro. Vestal females start lactating when they reach puberty. Runo brings a new kid int othe Brawlers, whom she has a crush on. Posted on May 21, by Bakugan Hentai. Bakugan Hentai Search. I have 5 I think. Madlen Schreiner. I love beautiful sex and sensual time in our togetherness. Come visit me and feel the magic. Sometimes it's fetish, sometimes.