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She's a globe-trotting journo with a fearless, can-do attitude.

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Amy is curious, a brilliant researcher and journalist with the ability to tell a compelling story of a highly technical process. She lives and breathes her work - if only we could all be promotion dedicated. Superstore SDCC pic. The amys advice Mark McKinney got on directing: shoes that feel like fresh French loaves of bread.

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Superstore SDCC. Superstore producers went with casting the best actors for each role and still wound up with a diverse ensemble. Someone asked how much the net worth was for all the shoes that burned. Why even go to Comicon now?!

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She watches and recaps a lot of TV, sees every Marvel movie on opening night and reads voraciously. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In. Text Resize Print icon. About Kite sex scenes Therapeutics, Inc. Colton Dunn was honestly terrified during the shoe burning scene.

But we already knew that because Kaliko Promotion told amys in our interview with her. America texts the things she sees people do in superstores to Justin for use in the show.

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